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My friend's father is a webtoon reserved for a more mature audience, but well worth a look. It completes the Webtoon Hentai must-read list. The story mixes romance, youth and sexual content.

Written by F-set and designed by Seok Jithis webtoon is out in 2019 in South Korea. The French version was launched in 2023. The work currently counts 40 chapters released in French against 50 chapters already produced in VO.

The story begins with Ji Yoona daring young woman. She often crashes at her best friend Ara's place. From day one, Ji Yoon felt something for her best friend's father, and finally fell in love with him. Now that she's of age, she wants to dare to confess her feelings and go further with him. But how will Ara take it? Will her best friend's father feel the same as Ji Yoon?

Who are the characters in the webtoon Le père de ma pote?

Image of Ji Yoon and Ara's father
Image showing Ji Yoon and Mr Kang in "Le père de ma pote". Source : Alucare.fr.


The story of the webtoon "Le père de ma pote" revolves around 3 characters who live in the same building, including : 

  • Ji Yoon: the main character, a bold girl without a father;
  • Ara: her best friend, a nice girl who considers Ji Yoon her own sister;
  • Mr. Kang: Ara's father, a kind-hearted man who's also a rascal.

Where can I watch the Webtoon Le père de ma pote?

Many platforms offer webtoons for adults only. But few offer "Le père de ma pote". Incidentally, the original version of this mahwa was edited by Toptoon, with Delitoon handling the VF. The latter, with its DelitoonXThe first episodes of this webtoon can be viewed here to set the scene for the story.

Where to read the Webtoon Le père de ma pote?

The first chapters of the webtoon "Le père de ma pote" have you glued to the spot, and you want to know what happens next? DelitoonX offers the following if you'd like to read this webtoon. But you'll need to register and pay, especially if you're hoping to see the adult version. The DelitoonX platform can also offer payment via crypto-currencies. Note that the euro is the only transaction currency for buying corner packs on the DelitoonX service to access all webtoon content.

Where can I read Le père de ma pote in French for free?

Image of Ji Yoon in "Le père de ma pote" (My friend's father)
Image showing Ji Yoon with his head elsewhere in the webtoon. Source : Alucare.fr.

Cheapskate or not, everyone wants to enjoy a free service. That's what Scan.hentai. You can find "My friend's father on this platform. Better still, it offers them 40 chapters of this webtoon in French. In fact, it's the only site to offer this kind of service for this webtoon. However, if you're using an ad blocker, you'll be able to read the scans without too much trouble.

Webtoon genres are very varied, with something for everyone. Although adult content is not offered by the best webtoon sitesThere are other ways to enjoy these works. What other category of webtoon do you enjoy?

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