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Lys de Trina is a Crafting Material in Elden Ring. Crafting materials are resources that can be obtained in any intermediate land and are used to create a wide variety of objects. We'll look at where to find Trina's Lily and how to use it.

For your information, the pages are about to be updated, so bookmark them (CTRL + D). And come back to them (private browsing to avoid caching). Crafting materials allow you to create items or consumables for the Elden Ring game.

Image of Trina's Lily in Elden Ring :

Descriptions of Trina's Lily:

Pale purple lily about to wilt.
Material used to craft items.
Extremely rare.

Symbol of faith in Saint Trina.
Calms the spirits, thus preventing restlessness.

Item name in English: "Trina's Lily

Trina's Lily locations. Where to find Trina's Lily in Elden Ring?

In the world


  • 3 in the Limgrave Tunnels: under the lake ruins, south of the tunnels. Guarded by a Giant Crab.
  • 3 in the Water Summoning Village, between the two large ruins south-west of the Site of Grace (these reappear after defeating General Radahn).
  • 2 under the east side of Saintsbridge.
  • 1 in the Seaside Ruins: from the grace site, jump onto Torrent and head east. Through a pillar and guarded by a Lone Wolf.
  • 1 east of the grace site, in Lac Agheel Sud, in some bushes on the cliff.
  • 4 in the Ruins of the crossing point, can be picked up from a corpse in the ruins near the giant flower (use Torrent to reach the object).


  • 5 around the Tombsward Ruins.
  • 5 in the Ruins of Mist, around the cellar staircase, guarded by an Inferior Rune Bear (these reappear after defeating General Radahn).
  • 3 around the Tombsward cave entrance.
  • 3 near the Pilgrimage Church: at the bottom of the hill to the southeast, next to a small cliff.
  • 1 on a cliff north of the entrance to the Impaler catacombs.
  • 1 at Château Morne, on a cliff next to the south wall.
  • 1 on a corpse in the Grotte terrestre.
  • 1 near a stone pillar near the forest observation tower.
  • 1 in the water near the south of the Lookout Tower grace site at Peninsula qui pleure.
  • 1 near the Ruins of the Half-Human Forest.
  • 1 on the lower level of the plateau, in the Hallowhorn field.


  • 11 in Village des Albinaurics: nine near the giant tree, one behind the giant rock and one in the swamp.
  • 4 south of the Gate Town Bridge grace site, on the shore, near a Jet de terre.
  • 3 next to a tree north of the Boiled Shrimp Shack place of grace.
  • 3 just in front of the Grotte du Sage entrance.
  • 2 between the walls in the Ruins of Laskyar.
  • 2 in the Quartier du Temple.
  • 2 in the Boiled Shrimp Shack: in the southwest corner of the ruins to the north.
  • 1 near the artist's hut (Liurnia), on a body in the pond south of the hut, guarded by a Tibia Marin.
  • 1 southwest of Cabane du loup endormisite de grâce, near the rocks.
  • 1 near the metal door of the Ville church, Porte de l'Académie.
  • 1 in the converted Tower, near the large rock at the south-western corner of the cliff.


  • 4 in Raya Lucaria Academy
  • 1 by a roadside cliff.
  • 1 at the southeast corner of the first fountain courtyard.
  • 1 at the north end of the courtyard.
  • 1 in the courtyard parterre.
  • 1 just south of the isolated Raya Lucaria market.


  • 7 in the Abandoned Ruins: two in the ruins, and five near the Imp statue.


  • x1 can be gathered west of Mount Gelmir, behind a ruined building, in the Ermitezone Hut
    1 on the edge of a cliff on Mount Gelmir


  • 11 near the abandoned Apostate, around a dead tree to the north.

Purchase from :

  • Nomadic merchant east of Limgrave: 1,000 Runes (3 available)
  • Isolated merchant in Raya Lucaria: 1,000 Runes (3 available)


Enemy Abandonment rate additional information
Spiritual Medusa 8,00% By Abandoned apostate
Lower Cleanrot Knight 2,00%



  • Abandoned apostate: Killing all the jellyfish around here takes about a minute.

List of recipes using Trina Lily

You can make the following items with Trina Lily:

Further information on Trina's Lily

  • You can hold up to 999 Lys de Trina and in store up to 999.
  • Purchase value: 10 Runes
  • The basic acquisition rate is 2 % (at 100Discovery) from the lower Cleanrot Knights.
    The basic obtain rate is 8 % (at 100 Discovery) from Spiritual Medusa.

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