Map and interactive map Elden Ring

Map and Interactive Map Elden Ring.

Looking for an interactive map. Here is the one I recommend.

She comes from mapgenie (very useful for tarkov for example.)

For information, the map is updated regularly. So you can bookmark with CTRL + D.

If you have any questions :

Map translation and help:

Premises :

Divine Tower | dungeon
Elevator | Evergaol (I don't know what it is)
Hidden passage (secret) | Devil's Seal Statue
Landmark | Legacy Dungeon
Effigy of martyr | Minor Tree
Portal | grace site
Soundboard | spring leap of spirits
Marika stake | wandering mausoleum

Key Items (Keys, Maps, Recipes):

Recipe book | great rune
Key | map fragments
stone blade key

Objects :

Ammunition | Consumables
Crystal Tear | dragon heart
Emote (Gesture) | golden rune
Golden Seed | Object
Multiplayer Item | tear of life
spirit ash

Equipment :

Armor | ashes of war
Incantation | Shield
Witchcraft (spells) | Talisman

npc's = NPC:

Character (quests) | Merchant


Boss | Creature
Demigod |Elite Enemy
enemy | Great leader
Invasion (Multi-NPC) | Beetle (drop)

Materials :

Reinforcement material | crafting material
Ruin Fragment | forging stone

Others :

Miscellaneous | Quest


You have questions ? Feel free to come on discord or twitch!

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