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La Siofra card: Elden Ring

Siofra is one of the first underground zones in Elden Ring to be accessed. It's a fairly small zone, so you'll only finda single card fragment. This is located at the entrance to the Sacrecorne estate, close to the graceful Siofra riverbank.

The card of La siofra Elden Ring:

Surrounded by red = the first boss with activated lights.

Surrounded by blue = The bonus area of the Siofra with a 2nd boss.

Top = teleporter.

The little tree = for a vial of life as a bonus :).

Map la siofra

La siofra's "optional" bosss

The Ancestral Spirit

The first boss is the Ancestral Spirit, a very beautiful and not very complicated fight.

You will need to unlock the boss by switching on the 8 lightstuto just below:

Draconid Soldier

To get this boss, you need to find the teleporter in the middle of the map. You'll need to climb the fallen stone beams, as shown in the clip below.

Clip to go to boss:

How to easily kill/beat boss Draconid Soldier?

My advice is to do it with a mount and get behind your thigh. As put in the video just below it's quite simple. (FYI I had 990 vitality). And weapon +7.

Drop of the boss:

  • Draconic Halberd

Drop in the top area:

  • Scarified Seal of Radagon: Increases Stamina, Stamina, Strength, and Dexterity, as well as damage taken.

La siofra Merchant NPC:

He sells a larval tear + 3 stone blade keys.

How to climb on top of the statue?

You can climb on top of the statue to retrieve an Oracle Bubble spell by killing the beetles and a silver brine chicken leg.

Map mobs:

  • A mosquito
  • crabs
  • big crabs
  • Spectral warriors
  • Including Sniper archers (which really hurt and shoot ultra far)
  • Some rats
  • Unkillable electric balls that hurt a lot
  • Animals

How to get to the top of the Siofra:

You can find the quest to unlock the Siofra:


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