Mirror time 05:05: Discover the secret meaning!

In love, in professional life, in life in general, the mirror hour 05:05 has a meaning. It corresponds to wisdom, I'independence and the benevolence. These hours have an impact on your business, your new project and so on. A real open door to what's in store for your life, whether in love or professionally speaking.

Mirror hours are times assigned to symmetrical numbers as 04h04 Where 06h06. In numerologyin other words, the esoteric practice of interpreting symbols related to numbers, mirror hours, etc. each have a particular meaning. According to Caroline Drogo, numbers and letters have a vibration. If you see a lot of mirror hours during the day, it means that you where you need to be and you can go to with confidence.

Understand the phenomenon of the 05:05 mirror hour

Belief has it that these mirror hours have significance. Astrologers insist that it's no coincidence that you stumble upon these mirror hours.

What is the definition of mirror time?

Mirror hours, often called "double hours have the particularity of present the same figures several times05:05 or 22:22 for example. These times are signs sent by the Universein numerology. The belief evokes the fact that the double hours chances or uwink of fate showing that we're on the right track.

According to astrologers and psychics, everything happens for a reason. Indeed, the alignment of the numbers is a message sent by the guardian angels for the person under its protection. Interpreting the mirror hours is based on the belief. They are almost always positive images and beneficial. Numerologists claim that mirror hours are gifts sent by the Universe to embellish human existence. So it's important to pay attention. However, it all depends on the hour, as each hour has its own meaning and interpretation.

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Mirror time 05:05: Specificity

Mirror time 05:05 is to get moving. This is where the sun comes out. Indeed, 05:05 is the repetition of the number 5, which symbolizes energy, energy, energy. creation and the joy in numerology.

  • In astrology, the number 5 symbolizes the Lion and the Sun. In other words, the desire to get up, of go toand take a stroll.
  • This mirror hour also teaches a valuable lesson of life: " there's no point in having sacred fire if you can't control it ".
  • It tells us that we have boundless energy.
  • It is a a sign of opportunities to be seizedand staying organized so as not to go off in all directions.
  • The 05:05 a.m. mirror time gives us frames to let our creativity flow.

The multiple interpretations of 05:05

Numerologists say it's a belief: to each his own, each his own. Whether you believe it or not, the meanings are all positive and encouraging. Caroline Drogo emphasizes that these are synchronicities, a little nudge from the universe. As such, there's no risk that when you come across a mirror hour, you'll have to deal with something negative.

Angelic communication and spiritual guidance

The esoteric belief of angelology, the 05:05 mirror hour, has even more to offer. This hour associates a guardian angel with each hour. Here, it would be the angel named Hekamiah who has come to give us a little message.

He tells us: " stay the course, remain honest and not to waver from our principles to see opportunities open up for us and for luck to smile on us".

Numerology meanings

The 5 is the number of the center, theequidistance between 1 and 10.

Here are the different representations of the five :

  • the 5 is the land-based counterpart to the 1. In other words: the 1 includes All, and the 5 includes the 4 or the material with its 4 elements as well as the 1 which is the spirit that animates matter.
  • the 5 is also associated with nature, to cycles and life.
  • In classical numerologythe number 5 is a symbol of mobility, of the freedom, the dynamism as well as theadaptability.
  • In gematria or kabbalistic numerology, the 5 is the equivalent of 5 books of the Torah, to the whole truth or "gnosis.
  • On the other hand, it is the numerical value of the Hebrew letter Heor the breath of life that enters through the "window.

Mirror time 05:05 and tarot

  • Mirror time 05:05 is a sign of tolerance, of clairvoyance, of wisdom of spirit and of loyalty.
  • This means that your intellect is more powerful that your emotionsto better manage crisis situations.
  • This mirror hour shows that you are honest, understanding and you are able to forgive. In other words, you are aware of your limits, and you maintain a more balanced relationship that takes into account the feelings of those around you.
  • You take pleasure in caring for others, and to forgive your enemies to evolve towards your own serenity.
  • The arcane tips show that it is advisable to not kill youor put your ego aside and of show modesty to better manage situations.
  • According to thearcane, the moral, the homework and the spirituality tingent impulses. As a result, you have the ability to identify your limitsand you puthonesty in your dealings.
  • Your high aspirations help you turn your ideals into reality. Your principles can hold up, and you can share them.
  • On the other hand your battles are the right ones. Indeed, your desire to do things thoroughly pushes for rigidity even fanaticism.
  • This blend ofinstinct and of spirituality lack of practicality and is set in a moral context.

05:05: Practical and personal implications

In real life, the mirror hour 05:05 has a precise meaning, whether in love life or on decisions and major life changes.

Significance in love life

Indeed, to understand the impact of this mirror hour on love relationships, we need to take into account the Tarot de Marseille card. It represents thearchetypal wise man able to give advice, and guardian of a well of knowledge.

  • In the context of love, the time 05:05 means that he time to confide your doubts or your questions to a person or the experienced one.
  • The moment of contact the equivalent of the Pope in your environment, orsend a heartfelt letter.
  • The aim is to strengthen ties or of becoming aware of a hidden truth.
  • Let's not forget that 05:05 is also synonymous with thewake-up time.

Impact on decisions and major life changes

The 05:05 mirror time also has a significant influence on your career.

  • In other words, it encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and to explore new possibilities.
  • She is synonymous with confidence and perseverance to achieve your professional goals.
  • The time reminds us of the importance ofa good balance between work and the personal life.
  • So, don't forget the family, them friends where the leisure all in putting your professional ambitions.


In short, the mirror hour is synonymous with a message sent by your guardian angel. The hour 05:05, for example, is sent by the guardian angel Hekamiah. These hours are not without meaning. almost positive messages in our lives with the aim of refocusing us. So it's important to pay attention.

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