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The mushroom is a crafting material in Elden Ring. Crafting materials are resources that can be obtained from intermediate lands and used to create a wide variety of objects. Let's take a look at where to find mushrooms and how to use them.

For your information, the pages are about to be updated, so bookmark them (CTRL + D). And come back to them (private browsing to avoid caching). Crafting materials allow you to create items or consumables for the Elden Ring game.

Image of the Mushroom in Elden Ring :

Mushroom descriptions:

Fungal growth growing in damp thickets and other places.
Material used to craft items.

Its thick and spongy flesh makes it a component of choice in the manufacture of throwing pots.

Item name in English: "Mushroom

Mushroom locations. Where to find the Mushroom in Elden Ring?

The mushroom found in the outside world renews itself after resting on a site of grace.

Worldwide :

  • Grows in Limgrave, on the Weeping Peninsula, in Liurnia des lacs and on the Altus Plateau.
  • 10 offered by Boc le Couturier after meeting him for the first time and exhausting his dialogue.
  • 5 at Raya Lucaria Academy: on a corpse in the courtyard, behind a tree by the wall.
  • 1 by Impassable Greatbridge in Caelid: on a corpse inside a tent.
  • 1 in the Tour du retour: on a corpse near the cliff.
  • 1 at Summonwater Village: on a corpse.
  • 1 at Mont Gelmir Looted from a corpse outside Gelmir's Tomb of the Hero, guarded by a pack.
  • 8 in the Elevator Chamber Site of Grace in Stormveil Castle: outside, on a corpse at the bottom of the stairs.
  • 10 at Fort Gael: on a corpse on the scaffolding.
  • Looted from a rock-top corpse near Seethewater Terminus Site of Grace
  • 5 in Murkwater's cave: in a chest behind the highwaymen.

Released by :

Enemy Drop-out rate
Private Godrick 20.00%
Radahn soldier 20.00%
Radahn soldier 15.00%
Soldier of exile 15.00%
Imp 10.00%
Skeletal militiaman 10.00%
Scarlet rot Putrid corpse 12.00%
Putrid corpse 5.00%


Agricultural sites :

  • Albinauric village: two near the tree east of the Grace site, then one just north of Grace.
  • Folie sur le lac, Site de grace à Liurnia: (6 spots in total) From Grace, head directly north to find 2 mushrooms, then west to round the corner of the rock wall in front of you, and start heading northwest until you see 4 mushrooms under a sloping rock spire. (Running down from Torrent will give you enough height to jump directly inside the lookout where the Site de Grace is located).

List of recipes using Champignon

You can make the following items with Mushroom:

Further information on Mushrooms

  • You can hold up to 999 mushrooms.
  • You can store up to 999 mushrooms.
  • Purchase value: 10 Runes

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