Antidote dumplings

Antidote dumplings | Elden Ring

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Green dumplings made from cave moss. Item that can be crafted.

Heals the effects of poisoning and accumulated poison.

The poison builds up gradually, then takes effect when the threshold is reached. Poisoning gradually reduces HP over a period of time.

– Name in English of the item: “Neutralizing Boluses »

"Antidote Pellets" locations in Elden Ring:

Where to find the Antidote Pellets?

They can be purchased from a Nomad Merchant for 600 runes. Limited quantity (5). It is located southeast of Coastal Cave.

How to make "Antidote Pellets" in Elden Ring?

To craft Antidote Meatballs, you will need the recipe in Gunsmith's Manual 2 as well as the following resources:

Other information on: “Antidote dumplings”

– Max number in inventory: 90
– Max number in the trunk: 600
- Selling price :


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