Which proxy to choose for POE in 2024?


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  1. Proxy Seller offers a variety of solutions for online games, particularly Path of Exile, optimizing the user experience through well-localized servers and competitive rates.
  2. This supplier guarantees increased securityand improved connection speed, tailored to the needs of POE gamers.
  3. By choosing the best ProxyWith a VPN, switch and VLAN, you're in control of everything, and your devices are better protected against power surges, thanks to the authentication features and the different ports available.

What's the best Proxy for playing POE?

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Screenshot special offer for POE. Source : Alucare.fr

Proxy Seller offers a wide range of services for both private and professional customers. In fact, I had the opportunity to try out its services, which didn't disappoint.

In fact, everyone can find something to their liking through the various solutions it offers. In the field of online video games, in particular, it offers a special offer for Path of Exile. POE enthusiasts around the world can now add another string to their bow.

Proxy Seller

What sets it apart from the vast majority of its competitors is that it covers a wide range of solutions for virtually every type of user. If you're a MMORPG enthusiast developed by Grinding Gear Games, you don't have to choose just any server available on the market.

This provider's offering for POE is not only compatible with this famous Hack'n'slash game, but also tried and tested. What's more, you need to make sure that the location of its servers is in the regions where you want to play POE.

You need to be sure that what they offer will meet your expectations and give you complete satisfaction. Unless you've done a test beforehand, one way to find out is to check their customers' feedback. You can find out in this more comprehensive article our opinion and Proxy Seller customer reviews.

You also need to take into account the supplier's price/performance ratio. With Proxy Seller, you'll be able to choose between several price plans based on your private IP needs.

You can benefit from a discount depending on the number and duration of rentals. What's more, you can even take advantage of a promotional code if you're buying from this supplier for the first time. To activate it, please consult our article promo code Proxy Seller for the application of promo code = VXLJUM_703219.

Want to enjoy the benefits of Proxy seller?

⏩Test Proxy Seller⏪ !

This supplier offers users a wide choice of solutions to suit different needs. But in addition to its wide range of offerings, it also offers a number of other notable advantages:

  • A enhanced online security and privacy This intermediary server lets you hide your real IP address. So you can surf the web with complete peace of mind, in complete security and confidentiality.
  • A bypassing geographical restrictions You may be able to access online services or websites that are not normally available in your home country.
  • A fast connection speed Depending on the server's location, this can reduce ping and improve game flow.
  • A ongoing customer support (24 hours a day, 7 days a week): our customer support is particularly responsive, yet always available.
  • A flexible pricing There's a wide range of price plans to choose from. They're sure to suit just about everyone, depending on their needs and budget.

The flexible pricing of this supplier's offers is one of its main advantages. But that's not all! As mentioned above, beyond a certain number of selected IP addresses, you can benefit from a discount ranging from 5 % to 40 %.

You can also benefit from an additional discount if you opt for a long-term subscription. And for new customers, the promo code = VXLJUM_703219 to be applied to obtain a discount of 10 % which depends on the service compatible with the promotion.

This is precisely the case if you take advantage of the special IPv4 server offer for POE, where you'll receive a discount of 10 % for your first purchase on the platform. Below you'll find a table giving an overview of Path of Exile prices for proxies located in France:

Number of IPv4 1 5 10 25 50 100
Minimum duration 1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week
Total price 1.3 USD 6.2 USD 12.4 USD 29.25 USD 55.5 USD 104 USD
Price per IPv4 1.3 USD 1.24 USD 1.24 USD 1.17 USD 1.11 USD 1.04 USD
Maximum duration 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
Total price 27.46 USD 129.5 USD 259 USD 608.5 USD 1139 USD USD 2122
Price per IPv4 2.29 USD Or 2.16 USD 2.16 USD Or 2.03 USD 1.9 USD 1.77 USD

⏩Test Proxy Seller⏪ !

From this summary table, you now have an overview of the price. Are you wondering which is the best subscription offer for Path of Exile? In reality, the right answer depends on the number of IP addresses and the duration of the rental you wish to take out. But generally speaking, just one is enough to allow you to play POE.

The first subscription offer for 1 IPv4 server is therefore worth considering. But how long is the rental period? A one-week period does not entitle you to a discount if you take only one.

You can take advantage of these discounts for purchases of 5 or more. However, you can apply promo code = VXLJUM_703219 to get a discount of 10 % on your first purchase.

Illustration image for the article "Which proxy to choose for POE in 2024?"
Screenshot of POE promotional code application. Source : Alucare.fr

On the other hand, if you're a hardcore POE gamer, a long-term 12-month subscription is advisable. This will enable you to make substantial savings over the course of the year, thanks to the various discounts available.

By way of illustration, a monthly subscription on a single server located in France costs you a total of 31.2 USD (2.6 USD/month) over the year. With the promo code, this monthly subscription plan finally costs USD 28.08 (USD 2.34/month with a USD 0.26 discount).

Whereas if you subscribe for 12 months, you'll end up paying 24.71 USD (2.06 USD/month), as you'll get a monthly discount of 0.31 USD for a long subscription period. But also a monthly discount of 0.54 USD with the 10 % promo code.

Why use a proxy to play POE?

Thanks to this supplier's offers for playing POE, you can take advantage of several benefits benefits additional compared with players who don't. So you can :

  • use Path of Exile bots securely, without fear of being detected by the system. You can automate certain tasks with complete peace of mind.
  • create and use several POE accounts simultaneously.
  • bypass various types of blocking (IP, geographic location, etc.).
  • improve the security of your accounts.

How to enjoy Path of Exile fluid sessions on the Mac?

Enjoy a smooth, latency-free Path of Exile gaming experience on your Mac, boosting network security and performance with VPN, smart switch and VLAN technology.

The VPN creates a encrypted tunnel via a port on your router or switch, protecting your data and masking your IP address when you connect to Path of Exile servers. This guarantees secure, anonymous web browsing, while reducing the risk of cyber-attacks.

The intelligent switch acts as a central connection point for your devices, including your Mac. It efficiently manages network traffic, optimizes bandwidth and enables VLAN configuration. Depending on the bandwidth allocated to each port, it optimizes data transfers.

VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) segment your network into several virtual networks, isolating your Mac and other important devices from non-critical traffic. This reduces network congestion and guarantees dedicated bandwidth for your Path of Exile sessions, minimizing lags and interruptions.

What's more, a high-performance switch can offer additional functions:

  • Ethernet ports for ultra-fast data transfers, essential for online games like Path of Exile : Port RJ45, Port SFP, Port SFP+, Port SFP28...
  • Surge protection to protect your appliances from electrical damage.
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) support to power compatible network devices directly via the Ethernet cable.
  • Authentication functions to better manage network access and protect your sensitive data.

⏩Test Proxy Seller⏪ !

By combining a VPN, an intelligent switch and VLANs, you create a secure, high-performance network that's perfectly suited to your Path of Exile gaming needs. You'll also avoid power surges, as they guarantee protection for your devices. Bandwidth optimization, authentication functions and Ethernet ports make your work easier.

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