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The sheer number of proxies available on the Web makes it difficult for Internet users to find the ideal provider. To make the right choice, however, there are a number of solutions to consider that will enable you to have relatively informed opinions. For example, you can evaluate potential proxies through their reputations and customer reviews.

In this article, find out what our users and we think about Proxy Sellerone of today's leading providers of reliable, secure proxies. What's more, it currently offers a promotional offer which you can find in this other article Proxy Seller Coupon code.

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Proxy Seller customer reviews

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The number of customers for a proxies provider can already reflect its popularity and show just how trustworthy it is among users. As for Proxy Seller, the platform boasts over 500,000 satisfied customers worldwide. But to verify customer satisfaction, there's nothing better than reading customer feedback on the services received. In fact, there's a whole category on the site dedicated to sharing customer feedback. These are collected through sites specialized in processing consumer reviews.

The vast majority of users praise Proxy Seller on these platforms. While some of them may leave some doubt as to their reliability, others such as and are quite trustworthy. But for an even more objective opinion, it's worth reading the reviews on Trustpilot. In fact, the consumer reviews in reference to Proxy Seller on this platform are not listed on its site. These Trustpilot reviews will give you a more informed idea of this proxies provider's services.

Interpretation of Trustpilot reviews on Proxy Seller

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Among the platforms for collectingconsumer opinionTrustpilot, founded in Denmark in 2007, is one of the most popular. For years now, the site has been striving to make its community as safe and trustworthy as possible. It's a relatively reliable platform, thanks not least to its robust and proven review verification functionality.

Of the 222 users who left their opinion on the Trustpilot platform at the time of writing this article, over 80 % of them awarded the top marks for Proxy Seller. Many of these satisfied customers recommend this company every time for the quality of its proxies and the responsiveness of its customer service. In this kind of situation, it's often the dissatisfied customers (11 %) who are most likely to report their bad experiences. To put it simply, out of 10 people, 8 gave Proxy Seller the highest rating and only one the lowest. But each of these negative feedbacks has been dealt with by the company's technical department to help customers resolve their concerns.

Our opinion of Proxy Seller's services

Reading the reviews on the specialist platforms mentioned above already gives you an initial idea of the Proxy Seller service. But the best way to get a clear opinion is, wherever possible, to test the proxies yourself. This is what we did, following two tests on upload and download speeds and their corresponding pings:

Trial 1: Residential ISP proxies France

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Screenshot Residential ISP proxy speed test France Proxy Seller. Source :

For this first test, we opted for a residential ISP proxy in France. Here are the data corresponding to the proxy proposed by the supplier and the results obtained:

  • Connection type : Multi
  • ISP :, Paris
  • IP :
  • Download speed : 83.80 Mbps (ping = 121 ms)
  • Upload speed : 375.70 Mbps (ping = 128 ms)
  • Average ping: 113 ms

The results are clear: download and upload speeds are truly excellent. This proxy provided by Proxy Seller allows you to satisfy a wide range of needs, even for online FPS games with these pings.

Test 2: Proxy IPv4 France

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Screenshot IPv4 proxy speed test France Proxy Seller. Source :

For this second test, we opted this time for another proxy service, namely a IPv4 proxybut still in France. Here are the data and speed test results:

  • Connection type : Multi
  • ISP : Networth Telecom, Clichy
  • IP :
  • Download speed : 38.45 Mbps (ping = 123 ms)
  • Upload speed : 413.50 Mbps (ping = 152 ms)
  • Average ping : 115 ms

As far as speeds are concerned for this test of the proxy provided by Proxy SellerThe download rate has fallen relatively compared with the previous one. Nevertheless, it's already more than sufficient for occasional, anonymous web browsing. So you can comfortably check your e-mails or watch videos in standard definition, or even stream in HD.

In addition, we have just called on the Proxy Seller technical service to get more information about download speeds. He was particularly responsive and sent us a reply: " Speed depends on many factors and routes between data centers; on your side, the situation can be completely different, both better and worse. In any case, our 24/7 support service will always help you find the best proxy and provide a replacement at a time of day that suits you. »

To conclude our verdict

We have to admit that Proxy Seller is a proxy provider whom we can trust completely. The company supplies proxies that work! These offer relatively fast connection speeds, and can be used for a wide range of personal and business applications.

What's more, their already affordable prices cover virtually all budgets. The site often even offers promotional offers through promo codes Proxy Seller. Not to mention a highly responsive support team to deal with any problems you may encounter. For all these reasons, we can recommend Proxy Seller for your proxy needs.

Test Proxy Seller!

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