What is iGaming?

iGaming encompasses all kinds of games that can be played on an online platform to win money: poker, casinos, card games, betting. Thanks to iGaming, you no longer need to visit a casino to enjoy these online games. By logging on to the Internet, you can bet on the outcome of a sporting event from home using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

You can also play slot machines online via betting platforms. Some players even try to hack a slot machine with their cell phone in the hope of making more money. Discover the different possibilities this online gaming industry has to offer. Is it possible to win in iGaming?

iGaming: a different way to play

The arrival ofInternet has encouraged a new way of gambling. Online casinos now offer a wide range of games. Basically, iGaming combines "Internet and Gaming". These are the online gambling. These range from sports betting to poker and blackjack. Today, there are countless online platforms offering unprecedented access, diversity and immersion.

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Igaming: a sector with three key branches

The iGaming is currently fluctuating like never before. Three key branches are the most popular with players: 

Sports betting

It's one of the pillars of iGaming. Covering almost every sporting discipline, online betting is growing in popularity. For bookmakers, the arrival of major sporting events is an opportunity to generate more sales (World Cup, Olympic Games, Euro...).


With billions in winnings every year, this branch includes roulette, slots, lotto and more. This is the best-known iGaming category.

Card games

Poker took off in the 2000s. The Internet has become connecting millions of poker players around the world. Today, the game is even more popular, thanks to online card game platforms. But it's not the only one - there are plenty of online card games to choose from.

Online card games, thanks to iGaming
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Online games brought together on several iGaming platforms

It's hard to count the number of iG platformsaming available today. However, before you take the plunge, take the time to identify the benefits offered by the platform, its bonus, the quality of its interface, her popularity and its customer service (this last point is not to be overlooked). 

If you are interested in sport bettingyou can choose between several platforms: 

  • Parions Sport ;
  • Betclic ;
  • Winamax ;
  • NetBet ;
  • Unibet, etc.

On the other hand, for fans of casinoCombining roulettes, slot machines and card games, you can play on : 

  • Seven Casino;
  • Cresus ;
  • King Chance;
  • Madnix, etc.

Winning opportunities in iGaming

People who want to get into the gambling business are strongly influenced by the following factors myths surrounding them. Since their inception, Internet gambling has been the victim of misinformation which, over time, has given the industry a bad reputation. 

Myths are so widespread that some people think it's impossible to win in iGaming. Relying on these rumors, newcomers won't even be able to immerse themselves and have fun, as every click will call into question the transparency of the games. The most skeptical will even say that these types of games are rigged and only attract players to make more money.

This is not the case. You can win in iGaming. It's true that winning certain games or bets is a matter of luck. But the probability of winning is not zero. Every discipline gives players a chance of winning, and some options offer better odds than others.

For some card games, luck isn't the only thing you need to win: you also have to be a strategist. For maximum transparency and immersion, there are even live casinos with real dealers.

Which game would you like to start with to enjoy iGaming? If you need help with a particular game, there's a whole community waiting for you on social networks. On Instagram alone, there are over 103,935 posts on iGaming. If you're interested in one or more of them, check out our tips for find out who owns an Instagram account to make sure you're talking to the rightful owner of the account.

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