What is Lo-Fi music?

During the evolution of the international pandemic, Lo-Fi music was significantly fueled. Today, this so-called "low-fidelity" music is booming on many YouTube channels. It is characterized by a retro touch using simple technical equipment, and a purely analog base. However, this music cannot be classified as chill music alone - it's a category that encompasses this movement. Let's find out together in this article, what is Lo-Fi music?

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Relaxing, slow-motion music

Lo-Fi is music that builds a new attitude towards life and the world: a very relaxed attitude. The aim is for you to relax and slow down your everyday rhythm. L'art of music Lo-Fi is all about minimalism and differentiation. The music offers a distinctive sonic aesthetic and a deliberate, conscious contrast to the perfected mainstream. Indeed, Lo-Fi has almost developed as a counterpoint to the often stressful everyday life. It came into the spotlight when calm became an inevitable solution.

YouTube communities with a manga factor

Today, a huge community has grown up around Lo-Fi Study Beats. In fact, the YouTube channel bearing the name Chillhop Music has some 3.05 million subscribers. Most of them are active in chat rooms during live videos and mixes. It's worth noting that the musical and artistic palette is broad. Yet the videos are staged with recurring motifs or scenes in the manga style. The sound also matches the image. The sounds are soothing, empathetic, etc. touching.

Generally speaking, Lo-Fi music is associated with the home, or a cosy, comfortable environment. Recording errors, such as noise, crackle, the occasional hook, etc., which have not been eliminated, play an integral part in making this atmosphere pleasant.

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