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DANGER Archer Forest, important information:

The game just banned me after +7 months of continuous playI've just lost all my progress, the tickets sent to support were never answered for several months, so it's useless, so I'm sorry to say I no longer recommend you play. IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!

For those who are looking for a game, I recommend you try Dragon Champions, a game where I talk to the developers and with whom I've been able to discuss a lot, if you want to get some ideas. important free rewards use the following code before level 15 :


Update 08/08/2023: I'm still banned, it's been +3 months and no response from support. I've lost €150 and I'm not the only one, some have even spent €1,500.

So, unfortunately, I'd advise you to switch games. You can try out Dragon Champions for free by clicking on the link, or try out another game.

To farm and make fast progress on the game:

For those who are starting, I invite you to see to install the game on PC to farm and advance faster (you have to let the game run as long as possible):

For your information, we're recruiting someone to do the guides for the game. If you're interested, join the discord here:

Hermes races:

A Hermes run is a very fast run that a player repeats an extreme number of times with the goal of producing a large amount of rebirth stones and diamonds to be used for upgrades and other items. The Hermès Courses are done by following the program given in 🐶archers-and-pets. The player must keep stage skipping disabled during Hermes runs and enable auto-respawn at +1/+2 of any stage their Hermes affects.

Produced Rebirth Stones are especially important in Hermes runs as it is one of your only sources to upgrade the "Produced Arrow Level" which costs Rebirth Stones. Another objective that should be present in the mind of the player when shopping Hermes is that one of the main objectives is also to produce a lot of arrows in order to be able to have a maximum level of higher arrows.

With that last statement in mind, it is advisable to use the lineup in 🐶archers-and-pets but the archers setup should no longer be followed once the player has acquired a stone bow. Once the player has acquired a stone bow, he must replace one of his archers with the archer who needs a bow.

Sooner or later, the player will get 8 stone bows, which is enough for a full team of archers. Once this step is completed, the player's Hermes racing team will only consist of archers who own a compatible stone bow. This team will be called the "Stone Bow Team" and will permanently replace the player's archery team for Hermès races. (Pets will remain the same).
Here is an example:

Hermes Racing Team

Deep runs:

A Deep run is a race in which a player will go as far as possible in Land of Moonlight until they are killed. The “rebirth automatically with diamonds” setting must be enabled. Players make deep runs with only one goal, to produce as many rebirth stones with the best return on investment so that they can improve the "level of arrow produced" which costs rebirth stones. Players should only start making deep runs once they have reached the 200+ wave on LoM.

During a deep run, the player must maximize the damage to finish on a high wave to maximize the number of rebirth stones they get by doubling it with 300 diamonds.
Above all, don't forget to activate the scene skip and the super scene skip.

Question: Why don't we continue to run Hermes runs to improve the "Level of Arrow Produced" which costs Rebirth Stones?

Answer: Since the cost of upgrading Rebirth Stones becomes extremely high in the late game, Hermes runs produce too few Rebirth Stones to upgrade them. For example, one of the players in the community calculated that if he were to depend on Hermes runs to improve his "product arrow level", it would take him a year to keep the game running 24/7. days out of 7. On the other hand, if they used deep races, they would need 18 hours of deep races to improve their level.

Question: Why Land of Moonlight (LoM)? Why not other cards?

Answer: After multiple tests by the gaming community, we have found that LoM gives the best ROI for Diamonds used to double Rebirth Stones. This is due to the fact that the scale of rebirth stones in the map is much better than in other maps.

Questions about Archer Forest join my discord:

To find all the Tutorial on Archer Forest:

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