Professional, individual, AI can now accompany you in voice-over creation. With Murf.Ai you have the possibility to create a number of professional voice-overs. In this guide, let's explore together the features as well as user reviews of this software.

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What are the features of Murf.Ai?

Murf.Ai is a voice generator software, it has advanced features. By the way, here are the highlights of Murf.Ai:

The tone control

Murf provides a voice tone option. The purpose of this feature is to control the depth of your AI voice. For the default tone, it will be set to 1* in toolbar. As a result, if your voice is deeper, you have to reduce the value below 1. If you aim a voice close to the high female voice, justincrease the value.

Volume and speed adjustment function

It is also possible to adjust voice volume and speed. The volume and speed adjustment tabs are located near the toolbar.

Teach AI

With Murf, you can choose a specific word and teach the AI to pronounce it correctly. For this, you just need to click on the pronunciation tab and of choose a word to personalize.

Text block control

You can also divide texts into blocks for edit them individually. To do this, just click on the sign " More " below your text. A new block will open to add your text.

A collection of voiceovers

Murf offers a whole collection of voiceovers for all users and age groups, including:

  • The male bass voices ;
  • The high female voices ;
  • The children's voices.

A grammar helper

The software also has a grammar helper for detect write problems.

Have you found the ideal formula for you, choose here:

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What are the opinions of users about the software?

It should be noted that Murf.Ai is a artificial intelligence software who produces dquality voice-overs. It provides realistic voices in minutes. The voices sound a lot like human voices. The company has since produced more than 40,000 voiceovers to date in more than 120 countries. However, each software has its advantages and his disadvantages :


  • Generation and free voice transcriptionThis allows you to become more familiar with the tool;
  • He offers a large selection of voices : masculine, feminine, etc. as well as francophone voices ;
  • A easy interface to understand ;
  • Perhaps used free of charge free of charge in Canva and Google Slides ;
  • A simple registration modification ;
  • In all paying packagesyou will be entitled to unlimited downloads, a Customer Support as well as social use rights ; 
  • The possibility of create the ideal voice by adjusting the pitch, the speed, timbre, etc.. Compared to other software, Murf.Ai offers voiceovers of professional, natural quality; 
  • Of the additional effects, including the voice filters, as the monster voices for example or helium voices. These filters canapply before or after registration. These functions allow you to create a creative voiceover and give a unique look.

To benefit from all these advantages of Murf.Ai:

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  • A Google Slides add-on At your disposal.
  • Enhanced protection of your data, moreover entry points are equipped with two-factor authentication and an strict separation of roles. Murf also performs a regular risk assessment to protect your account.

The inconvenients

  • The premium offer is a little expensive for individuals, however, it's the perfect plan for businesses.
  • the free plan is maybe the best solution, but incomplete. It's still logical. Considering the renderings of the software, the proposed price is correct.
  • The tool video editing is not suitable for professional use.

To take action:

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