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SentryPC is a solution that lets you monitor the activities of your targets remotely. Using a dashboard, parents or employers can monitor the activities of their targets. The application offers several options: both in terms of monitoring and protection. For employers, monitoring employees allows them to focus on other important things, with the aim of getting the business off the ground. Parents, on the other hand, use it to protect their children from the potential dangers of the Internet. In this review, let's find out more about SentryPC.

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Introduction to SentryPC

These arecloud-based softwareSentryPC focuses on in computer monitoring and control. Its role is to monitor and to analyze computer activity. This platform is therefore capable of remotely monitor computer activity, whether it be for personal or professional use.

This brings us to the SentryPC functionality part of the tool. sends a relevant report and detailed to its user in him outlining all the tasks performed on the computer to be monitored. You can see, in the preview, websites visited, applications used, even online conversations. SentryPC is very easy to use, it can also be customized, such as blocking websites, of the applications or even time-limited use.. If these limits are exceeded, an alert is triggered.

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SentryPC history and development

SentryPC was created in 2001. Initially, it was known as Access Control Software. SentryPC quickly became a leader in the field of time management and user control software. However, the application did not yet offer activity monitoring functionalities. Then, in 2005, SentryPC teamed up with one of the leading developers of computer and Internet monitoring on the market, with the aim of recoding and renaming the software. It was from this collaboration and change that the SentryPC brand was born.

Today, SentryPC has become a "global" solution for those looking to monitor, filter or restrict computer use, thanks to its comprehensive activity monitoring function. It also features enhanced filtering. What's more, the software boasts an extensive user database of parents, home users, business users, school users and more.

SentryPC's main features

Protect your children, or monitor your employees using an effective tool. SentryPC takes the guesswork out of surveillance, giving you the chance to find out exactly what your targets are doing on their computers, phones or on the Internet. Thanks to this application, you can find out what applications they're using, who they're talking to, what sites they're visiting? With all this information, you can eliminate any suspicious activity. Here are the main features of SentryPC:

Monitoring and recording

SentryPC offers a range of tools and features to help you monitor your target's behavior. These include

  • Recording of Internet browsing history
  • Live chat sessions with the target
  • Tracking transferred files
  • Notation of the physical location of monitored devices.

These features correspond to websites, applications, chats and clipboards. What's more, this system has the capacity to store up to 500 time-stamped screenshots, chat transcripts as well as printed and mapped files throughout use.

Activity control and filtering

SentryPC can also block applications, games, messaging applications, keywords and websites that don't match user definitions. To do this, the user will need to define general settings and rules for groups of employees. You can also set unique restrictions for each user. As a result, if your target goes against the rules previously set, the system will be triggered and create an alert in your log. This is a very important feature for ensuring that your target is viewing appropriate content. It spares them from behaviors that could threaten their security.

Demonstrate how to set up a filter or restriction.

Activity reports and alerts

SentryPC also boasts several useful reporting features, including: a breakdown of all major alerts. This feature enables application administrators to examine general user activity. They can also study more specific activities, such as applications and chat tools that are frequently used. What's more, reports can be customized to display only the data you deem important. At the same time, there are also status reports that monitor the health of licensed computers. These are synchronized with the software.

So now that you know more about this tool, why not give it a try?

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SentryPC prices and subscription options

SentryPC is a paid software, we will discover the details in this new section:

The different plans

SentryPC offers you 3 price levels different :

  • Basic plan :this is the first offer proposed by SentryPC, it is 69.50 per year. By choosing this offer, you can manage a single device and store up to 500 screenshots.
  • Company 50 :at 1,495 $ per yearyou'll also have 500 screenshots, but a possibility of manage 50 devices.
  • Company 100 :the latter offers costs 2,495 $ per yearit offers you storage for 1,000 screenshots and 100 licenses to manage 100 devices.
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Features and prices of each plan.

Gift cards and promotions

Another SentryPC option is to offer gift cards to customers interested in purchasing SentryPC monitoring and control software. The gift card gives customers access to all the features and tools offered by SentryPC to monitor and manage a computer and the Internet. In addition, they can also purchase plans for employee monitoring, parental control and remote time and access management with SentryPC gift cards.

In addition, the gift card can be used to update your plans, or to add additional devices to your account. The gift card allows you to ensure the security and productivity of your employees or family members when they use a connected device.

SentryPC in a professional setting vs. Parental

SentryPC is multi-sector surveillance software. It's not just employers who need to monitor their employees' movements. Parents also need to impose parental controls on their children's phones:

Use for employee monitoring

To monitor employees, SentryPC shows you exactly how your employees are using their connected devices, so you can identify and solve problems. It will block access to suspicious applications and games. SentryPC lets you identify how employees are using their devices to eliminate inappropriate use. Here are the different employee monitoring features offered by SentryPC:

  • Activity monitoring
  • Content filtering
  • And time management.

Use for parental control

Parents can sleep with peace of mind, knowing exactly how their children are using their connected device in detail. With SentryPC, you can discover all the activities performed on your child's device. What's more, activities are recorded for later viewing.


In short, SentryPC is a practical application for monitoring employees, children and students remotely. It can be used in the workplace, at home or at school. However, you mustn't overuse the features offered by the application. SentryPC lets you know what your targets are doing on their connected devices. For example, if your children are viewing inappropriate content, you can block it. Test SentryPC to see for yourself.

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