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Tailwind is a tool for efficient social network management. It boasts a number of effective, responsive features, with a variety of templates and designs. It's also possible to manage website semantics with Tailwindcs. In this review, we'll find out a little more about Tailwind CSS.

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Introduction to Tailwind CSS

Tailwind is a tool for effective social network management. Bloggers use it to schedule pins on their Pinterest accounts. This feature makes publications more viral and in no time. Tailwind can also be used to increase your audience.

The advantage of this tool is that you don't need a lot of money to use it. For the modest sum of 10 $ per month, YOU benefit from several features of the application. By the way, marketers recommend this application thanks to easy-to-use programming and sharing tools.

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History and development of Tailwind CSS

Here are the beginnings of Tailwind CSS :

Origins of Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS was created in 2017, a framework developed by Adam Wathan, a FullStack developer. In the beginning, Adam the creator wrote an article about his motivations for creating this framework. According to Adam, semantic CSS type writing is complex to maintain in a web project. In fact, not so long ago, the creation of "talking" CSS classes was recommended. The aim was to give functional names to CSS properties. However, this approach meant a lot of CSS class writing. Moreover, finding the right class name is much more complicated, especially when it comes to describing its usefulness.

How does Tailwind differ from other frameworks?

What differentiates the Tailwind CSS framework from others is its lower-level approach. This allows great flexibility in its design. The framework's strength also lies in the freedom it offers front-end developers to customize or extend the framework to suit their needs.

The main features of Tailwind CSS

Now, let's zoom in on the main features of Tailwind CSS :

The utility-first philosophy

The "utility-first" concept is a reference to Tailwind's main differentiating feature. As a result, instead of creating classes around every component, be it buttons, panels, menus, text zones, etc., classes will be built around a specific stylistic element, such as: a yellow color, a bold font, very large text, etc. Each of these classes will be called utility classes. Each of these classes is called a utility class. On Tailwind CSS, there are several utility classes to control a large number of CSS properties, namely: colors, border, display type, size, font, layout, shadow zones, etc.

- Video : Quick demonstration of how to create a page using utility classes.

Customization and scalability

One of the great advantages of Tailwind is that it uses Pinterest and Instagram APIs to provide accurate analytics. As a result, the tool tracks trends in your profile, of your dashboard as well as your individual publications. Tailwind also analyzes the virality and engagement levels of each post.

Smartloops is a subset ofprogramming tools offered by Tailwind. They enable you to redraw the same type of content over and over again on the same table.

Ready-to-use components

First of all, Tailwind offers pin scheduling for Pinterest. To sell better, you need to find the best time slot for publishing content. Thanks to the Pinterest management function, subscribers can see all the pins programmed on the Tailwind application. There will be a lock symbol which shows that the image is currently locked. All you have to do is rearrange the pins later.

Tailwind also featuresa function that facilitates the planning of multiple publications on Instagram. In fact, it allows you to plan, create, optimize and analyze Instagram publications.

Getting started with Tailwind CSS

Let's get Tailwind CSS up and running:

Prerequisites and installation

Before you can use Tailwind CSS, you need to have some prior knowledge. This will enable you to use the framework's features easily, namely :

  • A better understanding of HTML, including its structure and functions
  • You'll need a solid grounding in CSS, including media queries, flexbox and grid systems.

How do I integrate Tailwind into an existing project?

There are two ways to integrate Tailwind into a project:

The first method is to download the files or use a cdn. This is a quick method, but not recommended. In effect, you have to load the entire framework, making it heavier, and without being able to customize it. By choosing this method, you're limiting yourself.

The second method is to prepare your environment for Tailwind CSS. To do this, use NPM. You'll need to install it on your machine before it can run.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Tailwind CSS

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Tailwind CSS:

The strong points

  • You benefit fromfree trial for test the application before switching to pay mode ;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • A tool that identifies the best time to program content ;
  • A contribution to the creating quality content ;
  • Improving your reachas well as level of subscriber commitment;
  • A contribution to redirect audiences from your social media platformto your site ;
  • Aprompt customer service ;
  • A tool secure.

Potential challenges

The only drawback to Tailwind is that it is limited to Pinterest and Instagram only. The good news is thatan update will take place to conform to other social platforms.


In short, Tailwind is a framework that makes it easier for developers to manage social networks. To use it, or to integrate it into other projects, you need to have some prior knowledge, particularly of basic HTML. Tailwind CSS is a paid application, but you can opt for the free version to test the software's features. Test the software first and give us your feedback in the comments section.

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