The list of all night boss in Elden Ring

The list of all night boss in Elden Ring

This page will aim to list all the boss at night as well as their Spawn location!

Be careful, if you don't want to spoil the boss at night!

I give you the location and the loot :).

WARNING : Of course, you have to go to night.

Twilight Rider Night Boss:

Map of his spawn location. (he can spawn in other places too) Even if you have already killed him.

First Horseman spawn:

Night Boss Twilight Rider

Clip of the boss at night (with a little troll from him ^^)

Second Horseman Spawn:

second horseman spawn

Twilight Rider Third Spawn:

Go north:

3rd boss night rider


Dusk Rider Fourth Spawn:

Fight + location:

Twilight Rider Loot:

  • Ashes of War: Repeat Thrust
  • Ashes of War: Steadfast Bulwark
  • Ashes of War: Ice Spear
  • Twilight Rider's Bane
  • Ashes of War: Giant Stalker
  • Twilight Rider Vault

Difficulty = really easy.

Night Boss: Doom Raptor

1st Spawn of the Doom Raptor

The 1st boss found is just to be listed (circled in green)

night boss elden ring pop

Fight against the first doom raptor:

Doom Raptor Second Spawn:

Combat + spawn location:

Doom Raptor Third Spawn:

Combat + spawn location:

Fourth Spawn of the Doom Raptor:

Combat + spawn location:

Doom Raptor Loot:

  • Sacrificial Ax
  • Horned blade with red feathers
  • Horned blade with blue feathers
  • Bulwark of the Two-Headed Bird

Difficulty = Medium


Night Boss: Volatile Funeral

The funerary boss volatine is found in the “swampy lake”:

Raptor Night Boss

Fight against the bird:

Funeral Volatile Loot:

  • Ancient Deadly Grudge

Difficulty = Complex

The boss in bulk:

Here are two other boss at once in Caelid:


If you have other boss that I haven't found, I'm willing to add them to the guide!

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  1. Te falta un jefe nocturno raptor en la zona de la nieve (zona oculta del árbol hierático), between Ordina ciudad litúrgica y las Ruinas de la apostasía justo donde acaba el río de hielo


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