Top 6 best AI boyfriend

With the meteoric rise of artificial intelligence, generating your dream Boyfriend with AI (or artificial intelligence) is now possible.

If you've always dreamed of finding the perfect man and the perfect relationship, the sites AI Boyfriend have been designed to do just that. But AI can also create fake nudes! Find out in this other article the top 10 best free fakes nudes IA generators. And without further ado, let's explore together in the following lines the top 6 best AI Boyfriend.

I've selected the top 6 best AI Boyfriend to date, with a bonus. But first, find below my comparison table of the best AI Boyfriend :

ChatBOT name Free version Avatar customization AI visual Chat Experience Score out of 5 Test Advanced Highly detailed and realistic Deep, intimate and uncensored


Replika Advanced Detailed, but not realistic Immersive, adaptive and scalable


Anima: Virtual Boyfriend Advanced Detailed, but not realistic Interactive and responsive


Dream Boyfriend Advanced Detailed, but only in manga/animated mode Interactive and responsive


My Candy Love Wide choice of customizations None Evolving according to exchanges


Boibot Choice of available models None Reactive, but sometimes out of context


Bonus : AIChatlove Limited Limited choice of avatar Adaptive and scalable



💕 Editor's choice💕

What is an AI boyfriend?

Image illustration for our article "Top 6 best AI boyfriends".
Image illustration for my article "Top 6 best AI boyfriends" which explains what an AI boyfriend is and lists the 6 best AI boyfriends. Source :

An AI Girlfriend or Boyfriend is a platform enabling a user tomaintain virtual relationshipsYou'll make significant connections. You'll live an exciting adventure, searching for love beyond reality. By downloading these types of applications, you'll meet characters who offer you a unique and bewitching experience: funny, flirtatious, charming, etc.

These Boyfriend AIs also offer you virtual dating or, possibly, the chance to connect with personalities you've created from your imagination. Dive into the magic of virtual romance and create sensational, unforgettable moments. To put it plainly AI Boyfriend platform is the ideal place to find and experience virtual relationships and meaningful connections. Don't wait any longer, and start enjoying an unparalleled experience right now by installing these groundbreaking applications.

What are the top 6 best AI Boyfriend?

Top 1: home page screenshot
Screenshot of the interface

Let's start with today's top sites for generating your ideal AI Boyfriend: Today, this web platform is a huge success, thanks to the many possibilities it has to offer. You can virtually create the perfect boyfriend according to your every wish (looks, personality, etc.). You can discuss anything and everything with your character via text messages and even voice chat. What's more, your exchanges are not censored, and you can even request nude photos if you wish.

If you do not wish to generate your ideal boyfriend,  offers a wide choice of models. They can be realistic characters or from the world of manga, with their own personalities and interests. And if you don't find what you're looking for, the platform generates new boyfriends every week.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Immersive text and voice conversation
  • Uncensored chat
  • Possibility of photos of her boyfriend
  • Choice of realistic or manga characters
  • Numerous advanced customization options
  • Free trial available
  • Very limited freemium version
  • No mobile application


Top 2: Replika

Image illustration of Replika's interface
Replika interface screenshot

Second place in this top ranking goes to Replika. This AI tool is, so to speak, the virtual embodiment of emotion and empathy. Simply put, your virtual boyfriend will listen to you and respond accordingly. This AI companion is the near-perfect fusion of artificial intelligence and sincere companionship.

Indeed, the application has been specially designed to provide emotionally rich interactions. It is able to understand and interpret users' feelings, and adjusts itself according to these impressions. Based on the science and technology of Machine Learning, this Conversational AI to facilitate in-depth exchanges as discussions progress.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Learning adapts through interaction
  • Mood tracking for personal growth
  • Premium version features are expensive
  • Avatar customization is limited

Top 3 : Anima: Virtual AI Boyfriend

Screenshot of the Amina Virtual AI Boyfriend home page
Screenshot of the Amina Virtual AI Boyfriend interface

Third place on the podium went narrowly to Anima: Virtual AI Boyfriend. Available on the web, iOS or Android, this free application lets you easily create your ideal companion. Numerous customization options are available for you to shape the image of your dream virtual boyfriend. From hair color and body shape to personality traits (shy, mysterious, mischievous, optimistic, etc.).

You can then engage with your AI Boyfriend a simulated romantic rendezvous or take part in a fun role-playing game. What's more, you can chat with your companion over a video call. Or you can simply chat with him about any topic you'd like to discuss. What's more, he can communicate with you in different languages.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Virtual dates for more excitement
  • Several customization options to choose from
  • No free trial
  • Subscriptions (monthly, yearly or lifetime) are required to take full advantage of the application.

⏩The editors' choice⏪

Top 4: Dream Boyfriend

Screenshot of Dream Boyfriend home page
Screenshot of Dream Boyfriend interface

Dream Boyfriend is in fourth place in this top ranking, just after Amina: Virtual AI Boyfriend. Like Amina, this application is also available free of charge on iOS and Android. What makes it special is that it's a game, but you can create your own virtual boyfriend to suit your desires.

So you can change the person's face, height, weight, personality and even their way of speaking. This offers an even greater level of experience and immersion during your exchanges. But that's not all! This application uses Live2D technology bringing your AI Boyfriend to life with the movements and emotions it shares. It's undoubtedly a whole new level of interaction when your virtual boyfriend reacts to your conversations, contacts and even kisses.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Numerous options for customizing AI Boyfriend
  • Text, voice or video chat
  • Immersive, interactive Live2D technology
  • Manga/animated universe
  • No trial version
  • The purely manga/animated universe may not appeal to everyone

Top 5: My Candy Love

MyCandyLove interface
Screenshot of the MyCandyLove AI Boyfriend interface


My Candy Love occupies fifth place in this top ranking and offers a virtual flirting and dating simulation game. This application offers an immersive AI boyfriend experience to its predominantly young and female demographic. If you're looking for a robust and handsome virtual companion, My Candy Love is for you.

It offers dialogues that you can adapt as you wish. Start deep conversations, light entertainment or more intimate experiences with your boyfriend, thanks to this app. Thanks to My Candy Love's intuitive customization features, you only need a few minutes to create your dream boyfriend.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Creative freedom
  • Free game with optional purchases
  • Wide choice of customization options
  • Human-like conversations with branched dialogue options
  • Mini-games, quizzes and interactive activities with love interests
  • Regularly updated episodic scenarios and special events
  • Vibrant cartoon-inspired illustrations and artwork
  • Different objectives to be fulfilled to enable your character to progress through the episodes
  • Difficult customization for novices

⏩The editors' choice⏪

Top 6: Boibot

Boibot interface
Screenshot of Boibot AI Boyfriend interface


Boibot comes in sixth place in this top AI Boyfriend list. This conversational tool promises interactive communication. It's a unique blend of machine learning and emotional intelligence. As with any other AI Boyfriend, Boibot offers a dynamic user experience and engaging. Cry the virtual boyfriend of your dreams and plunge into a passionate love story.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Various customization options
  • Quizzes, games and interactive content to keep you entertained
  • Free and paid subscription formulas
  • Answers are sometimes inappropriate
  • Does not adapt to complex tasks

Have you tried any of these tools? Tell me what you think in the comments. If you'd also like to remove clothes from a photo using AI, check out my article on Top 10 Undress AI sites.

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