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Viperia is a crafting material in Elden Ring. Crafting materials are resources that can be obtained from intermediate lands and used to create a wide variety of objects. We'll look at where to find Viperia and how to use it.

For your information, the pages are about to be updated, so bookmark them (CTRL + D). And come back to them (private browsing to avoid caching). Crafting materials allow you to create items or consumables for the Elden Ring game.

Image of Vipéria in Elden Ring :

Descriptions of Vipéria :

Flower growing on toxic soils.
Material used to craft items.

An intense green liquid oozes out.

Item name: "PoisonBloom

Vipéria locations. Where to find Vipéria in Elden Ring?

The Vipéria found in the outside world is reborn after resting on a site of grace.

Worldwide :

  • Grows on the Weeping Peninsula and in Liurnia des lacs.
  • 5 near Murkwater cave: outside the cave, in the ravine.
  • 5 in Sellia: on the roof of a building on the lower level, just south of Grace, accessible by jumping over the roofs.
  • 1 in Stormveil Castle: in the underground crypt, on a corpse near the ruins.
  • 1 at Murkwater Coast Site de Grâce in Limgrave: on a corpse in the ravine north of the ruins.
  • On avoidance land

Viperia can also be released by :

Enemy Drop-out rate
Miranda giant sprout 100.00%
Miranda Sprout 10.00% – 20.00%
Giant land squirt 8.00%
Land squirt 8.00%


Agricultural sites :

  • Castle Morne: eight in the swamp to the northeast.
  • Jarburg: eight along the main street, plus tarnished Golden Sunflowers, Rowa Fruits and Grave Violets.

Recipes using Viperia

You can make the following items with Viperia:

More information about Vipéria

  • You can hold up to 999 Vipéria and store up to 999 of them.
  • Purchase value: 10 Runes

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  1. Bonjouuuuur I'm doing my research and I'm coming to bring a viperia and farmable solution to the necrolimbo mob which sends fish into the lake where the dragon is found, there is a spot of 6 of them group perfect for farm (in the lake) Have a nice day

      • Edit: Vapiera are lootable on mods which are large poisonous plants found everywhere.
        A sport is in the "Deserted Cave" in Caelid, a cave flooded with scarlet rot where you will have to face 2 boss at the same time "The Reapers [...] (I don't remember the full name).
        You find them before the boss room on the big plants 👍

    • Hello, today is 26/05/23 at the time of writing these lines.
      The modes you are talking about, which loot Vipéria no longer gives.
      They only give white meat.

      No idea where to find it 😭


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