What are the best IT freelance platforms?

There are several platforms reserved for freelancers. These are dedicated to all freelancers who want to find missions in particular: Malt, coder, 5euros, etc. If after having created your website, to present your portfolio and your services, you are not yet successful. It may be time to go through freelance platforms to find assignments. In this text, we have selected for you the 3 best platforms for IT freelancers.

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Malt: the platform for freelancers in France

Malt is a French platform that connects service providers and customers. The most requested professions in Malt are often: developer, copywriter, SEO consultant, Social Media Manager, Community Manager, and many more.

The price

Registration for the freelancer is free, the service is also free for the client. However, a commission of 10% on each quote is deducted to both sides.

The advantages of the platform

The advantages of Malt are numerous, whether for the service provider or for the customer. For information, all missions are carried out by Axa. The invoice is therefore generated automatically to make management simple. Everything is then centered on a dashboard: turnover, missions in progress, customers, etc. The customer can also rate the service provider's service and give an opinion. These recommendations will increase the reputation of the service provider. Moreover, if the turnover increases on Malt, the visibility also increases.

Operation of the platform

Are you interested in the platform? Here's how it works:

As a service provider, you must first register on the site. Then create an enticing profile. This must contain the following information: the indicative price, the portfolio, the description of the services, the skills, the diplomas, the preferences of the missions, etc. The customer will do a search, then contact the service provider if these services interest him. He then proposes a project. The service provider will create an estimate on Malt. At the end of the mission, the client will validate the work and pay the service provider's salary.

The Codeur.com platform: for IT freelancers

Codeur.com is a platform dedicated to freelancers who are specialized in the web business. That is to say activities related to the Internet such as: writing, graphic design, e-commerce, web marketing, etc.

The price of the platform

To be able to respond to recruiters' ads, the freelancer must subscribe to a monthly subscription starting at €29. For each mission won and paid for, the service provider will pay a commission of 4%, or the equivalent of a minimum of €5 excluding tax to the platform.

The advantages of Codeur.com

On Codeur.com, you will find a multitude of freelancing offers, calls for tenders in various fields as well. All the information necessary to carry out the mission is displayed on the publication, in particular: the mission, the client's budget, the start period, the profiles sought. The freelancer will then contact the project leader on codeur.com's internal messaging system.

How the platform works

To find freelance assignments, you must first register on Codeur.com. Then complete your profile on the service provider section. Complete your portfolio correctly in order to attract more clients. Then, you must subscribe to a monthly subscription to be able to respond to calls for tenders sent by email according to your skills.

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The Fiverr platform for freelancers

At Fiverr, freelancers start with a minimum price of €5. They will then go up in range according to their skills. At Fiverr, the price is generally low, because 5€ is no longer a current rate. The purpose of the platform is to offer catalogs of micro-services, freelancers often offer packaging of offers. The advantage of the package offer is that the customer can adjust the package until they get the right price.

Another advantage of Fiverr is that it works internationally. You will therefore be able to choose freelancers from any country. On this platform, the service providers will present the work carried out or the missions they can do. Then, the customer will contact the service provider of his choice directly on his profile. Several areas are covered on Fiverr: translation, automotive, video, etc. For rates, a fee of 20% is applied to the amount of each mission carried out.

Why register on a freelance platform?

There are several reasons why you should consider signing up on a freelance platform:

  • Increase your visibility : The freelancing platforms allow you to connect with potential clients around the world who are looking for professionals in your field.
  • Earn extra money: these platforms allow you to find paid projects to use your skills and expertise.
  • Flexibility : They also allow you to work remotely and choose the projects you want to work on.
  • Diversity of projects: You can work on varied projects and develop your skills accordingly.
  • Expand your network : Freelance platforms allow you to meet and work with professionals from different fields and from different countries.
  • Professional development : Freelancing platforms offer many opportunities for development and professional enrichment.
  • Ease of use : The registration process is generally quick and easy, allowing you to start looking for projects quickly.

So if you're a professional looking to increase your exposure, earn extra money, or grow professionally, signing up on a freelance platform can be a great way to kick-start your career!


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