How much does Geofinder cost?

Why track the phone of your child, your partner or your employees? Because dangers lurk everywhere. Thanks to the geo-location system, you'll be able to keep an eye on where your target is. You'll be able to delimit authorized zones, and receive alerts in return if your target exceeds these zones. It's possible to locate a person via their Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger accounts. However, these methods require physical contact and access to the targeted device. With Geofinder, you can geolocate remotely with greater precision. Geofinder is the perfect application for parents. And not only that, Geofinder is suitable for anyone who needs to know the location of their loved ones or employees. This application is also functional on all kinds of devices, under Android and iOs for iPhones, as well as on the web. Let's find out together in this text, how much Geofinder costs?

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Geofinder, the best geolocation application on the market:

Geofinder, the application to geolocate a number

How much does Geofinder cost?

For full access to your target's location, the subscription fee is 31.99 $ per month. Note that this is the only subscription package offered by Geofinder. Try it out during the 48-hour trial, which costs just 1 $.

Tariff plan details

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Geofinder doesn't have many price plans to offer its customers. Either opt for its offer of 31.99 $ per month, or start testing it at just 1 $. Although this tool does not offer a free trial to its prospects, the offer of 1 $ for a 48-hour period seems sufficient to fully understand its assets.

Value for money

If you are satisfied with the features offered during the 48-hour trial, you can opt for the paid subscription of 31.99 $ per month. The aim of Geofinder is to locate someone efficiently and anonymously. Indeed, this application is very practical for parents who want to protect their children. For parents, tracking their children on a platform worth 31.99 $ seems legitimate if they want peace of mind.

Check the price list for Geofinder, the best location app, here :
Geofinder, the application to geolocate a number

Users comment on software comparison sites that Geofinder is easy to use. The search result is precise, with a clear view of where the target is on the map provided by the application. What's more, you can view the history of your previous searches. In the history, you'll see the date of your search, a map view, latitude, longitude and the address found by your geolocator.

Unique features not addressed by competitors

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Why locate a phone?

Everyone has their own reason for locating a person, whether it's a question of security, or perhaps espionage. Many phones are lost every day, and there are already ways of finding them, such as searching by IMEI, Google account or brand account. On the other hand, searching for a phone by its number is much more practical, for one simple reason: "security".

Ability to locate via a simple message

By simply sending a message to your target, they won't suspect that the message came from your geolocator. You'll be able to locate someone without asking them where they are. By way of clarification, the body of your message is pre-filled by Geofinder; you can modify it, but it's better to use the pre-set message. Don't worry, your message won't be suspicious: it invites your target to update his GPS, and asks him to click on a link. If the target doesn't click on the link, the tracking won't work. However, once the link has been clicked, localization is activated.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does Geofinder work?

Can I try it for free?

This tool is not free to use, but you can try it out for 48 hours for just 1 $.

test the trial version of Geofinder

User reviews and testimonials

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No installation required

All you have to do is enter the target's number on the official Geofinder website, and information on its location will then appear.

Choose Geofinder, the best location application:

Geofinder, the application to geolocate a number

First of all, this geolocator is one of the best location applications on the market. What's more, it offers users several options, including :

Suitable for all cell phone models.
One of the big advantages of the application is its compatibility with any kind of mobile device, regardless of its operating system, be it Android, iOS or Windows. Geofinder doesn't require a demanding configuration; all it needs is a small amount of space to store the application's basic functions, such as search history and caches, to keep it running fast.

Compatible with all networks
Geofinder is the best application for locating a phone number. This means you can locate a phone number online without having to access its smartphone directly. Most people use a cell phone, but you can also access this application via a computer. To do so, all you need is an Internet connection, go to the official website, click on create an account, enter your e-mail address, proceed to payment and then move on to tracking your target's movement.

Anonymous monitoring
Obviously, if you want to keep an eye on someone, you have to do it discreetly. That's where Geofinder comes in. With this location monitoring tool, you can discreetly locate a person with their number. It's a stealthy but effective application. You don't risk being caught by your target. What's more, this software has an excellent option that lets you define the authorized area as you wish. If your target crosses your boundary, you'll receive a notification.

Areas for improvement

While opening an account is free, the validity of a Geofinder account is limited to 10 years. For the moment, the number of people complaining about this validity period is not presentative. Until now, it has been judged on the basis of its service.

Why choose Geofinder?

Its overall value in relation to its price scale

For security, it's a must-have tool, given that, in countries all over the world, the telephone has become one of the devices that people never part with. With other similar applications, you also need to send a notification to the target. And some even require the target's authorization to do so. operate localization. Its acceptance method is quite intelligent and the results are very precise. Its functionality is worth the price.

Recommendations for potential users

If you're a company or an individual who needs to locate someone, a loved one or employees sent on a mission, buying Geofinder is the ideal solution. By opting for a monthly subscription, you'll know where your targets are at any given time, so you can surprise them or take immediate action in case of doubt.

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