What is the crystalline aura in Lost Ark?


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Today, Smilegate RPG Lost Ark action-adventure MMO is home to several contents that the player can explore according to their will. However, each player must do something at their own pace. Indeed, some prefer to slow down while others like to run through the game. In order to help all participants, Lost has developed the Crystalline Aura. Discover the definition of Cristalline Aura in Lost Ark.

What is the Crystalline Aura?

She acts as a kind of boost for players in Lost Ark. Indeed, these nudges are called Subscription Service Elements. Their uses are advantageous, especially for 30-day subscriptions.

What are the benefits of Crystalline Aura?

Using the Crystalline Aura offers a variety of benefits, especially when used for 30 days. Check out these benefits:

  • First, travel costs are free;
  • Then, the liner fees are 50 % reduction;
  • A trial is offered, Daily Rapport Action trial + trial;
  • The natural recovery values of vital energy is more than 10 %;
  • Bifrost slots are usable +2;
  • The Return Song Cooldown is - 50%;
  • The fortress research time is -10 %;
  • The base recovery amount of fortress action energy is +10 %;
  • Stronghold Training Ground Ultimate Stress Buster is unlocked;
  • An XP gained per minute 7.000;
  • The title of benefactor Crystal is applied for the duration of the services.

Auras are ways to progress faster. They are linked to your account. However, these Auras will only affect your characters and not people in your party. You can buy crystals in the Lost Ark shop.


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