What is lightning on Tinder?

Updated on 21 January 2024 by Prince

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The whole point of being on these dating apps, especially Tinder, is to match up with the right profile. But having a free account on Tinder isn't enough. Many users now opt for paid options to increase their chances of meeting the love of their life. And let's face it, with so many users out there, sometimes you just don't get noticed on these dating apps! In this text, let's take a look at what lightning means on Tinder!


What is lightning on Tinder?

The Tinder dating application also uses a boost service. Indeed, on Tinder, it's not uncommon to find a profile scrolled across your newsfeed from time to time. While having multiple users on the app is timely, it can also be a nasty flaw, as the number of likes and matches may be limited. The app's developers are aware of this reality. As a result, they've launched the creation of the mauve/purple lightning icon. This feature is the boost for your Tinder profile, otherwise the perfect nudge to make your profile 10 times more visible!

So, with this Tinder boost, you'll be able to appear in other users' profile selections!

What are the advantages of flash option on Tinder?

As mentioned earlier, the boost or lightning option allows you to be more visible on the application. Your profile is 10 times more likely to appear on profiles that might be of interest to you. The aim of boosting your profile is to increase your chances of being seen and matched. So if you want to go the extra mile and be seen on Tinder, think about boosting your profile!

When should I use Tinder Boost?

The best time, in other words the most precise time to use the boost or the purple lightning bolt on Tinder, is during the day where the weekend. We strongly advise against using Tinder boost at 3am. Fewer people will be active on the application during this time. Ideally, you should use your boost option during peak hours.

Is the Tinder boost a better option?

For your information, the Tinder boost is a paying option. The aim of this new option is to make stand out with other users. As a result, the chance of being seen and matched increases. To answer the question, is the Tinder boost a better option, given its features, opting for the purple lightning bolt on Tinder is a better ideaIf you're struggling to find the love of your life on the dating app! If that's your goal, why not go all out?

In short, to position yourself on Tinder, it is important to use a few practical methods, namely the Tinder Boost or the purple flash. Also discover other alternatives to Tinder, the dating application by browsing our article: Top5 other alternatives to Tinder.

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