What is the price of Playstation 1 and 2?


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A Sony invention has changed the history of the video game in the world. The Playstation was launched in Japan in December 1994. Its power was incredible, not to mention its presentation. Several games were available, and players could create and play their own games. change their Playstation usernames for more fun.

Even today, many players are looking for the PS1 and the PS2Others are looking to sell theirs. But what about the price?

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The price of the used Playstation

The price of older Playstations depends heavily on their status and their market availability. In this case, costs may vary from one location to another or from one vendor to another.

PlayStation 1

Picture of a Playstation
Image to illustrate a PS1

For used Playstation 1s, if they're already in poor condition, prices are around 50 euros. If in fair condition, they sell for between 60 and 99.90 euros. And if they're still in good condition, they can be worth more than 170 euros. Of course, these prices may vary depending on the condition of the console.

PlayStation 2

Playstation 2 image
Playstation 2 image

As for the Playstation 2, it is divided into four formats:

  • The PS2;
  • PS2 slim;
  • The PS2 Aqua Blue
  • And the PS2 Silver.

Here, the price still varies according to the PS2 model. However, you can buy those in poor condition from 40 euros. For those in acceptable condition, they range from 39.99 to up to 99 euros. If the PS2 is still in perfect condition, even though it's second-hand, it can cost up to 205 euros.

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How are their states judged?

The cost of used Playstation 1 and Playstation 2 varies according to quality. So it's vital to know what's good and what's bad. Consoles are in good condition if all their functions are working properly. Their physical appearance shows no cracks, missing keys or even traces of impact. What's more, all accessories are still present, including the box, cables and user manual. However, if the console is having trouble operating, or if it shows any other signs of damage, please contact us. significant anomaliesits condition is considered critical.

Can we still find new PS1 and PS2?

You can still find brand-new, sealed Playstation 1s and Playstation 2s. Yet these treasures are very rare, and the cost is rising all the time. In the case of the PS1, the price of a limited edition is over 375 dollars in America. In Japan, it sells for $899. As for the PS2, the price of a new sealed console is $1,119 and up. On the usual French ad sites, you can find a brand-new, unopened and sealed PS1 at 9,000 euros.

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Many video game sales platforms are still selling PS1 and PS2 consoles. So, if you want to buy or sell a used console, it's important to find out about the quality. If you're tempted by the latest model, find out where you can buy it. order the PS5 Slim.

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