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  1. Test objective The Griffor Test is an online quiz that assesses participants' "purity" through a variety of questions on alcohol, sex, drugs and more, resulting in a percentage score.
  2. User experience This test, originally conceived as teenage entertainment, enables self-reflection on personal behavior, providing a basis for discussion among friends.
  3. Reliability and context Despite its playfulness and popularity on social networks, the Griffor Test should not be taken too seriously, as it offers only a superficial assessment of purity based on questionable criteria.

Since its first appearance, the famous Griffor purity test has become a household name. must-have game for many teenagers. A free online quiz on subjects as varied as alcohol, sex and drugs. Through positive or negative answers, the tool promises to reveal just how "pure" or "impure" a person is. Every answer and every point counts.

Do you often think about your true nature in terms of behavior, experiences and values? The Griffor Test can help!

At the end, a percentage reveals your score, and the page becomes a hot topic of discussion among buddies. You ask yourself: " Qhat's my level of purity? What do the answers really mean in the context of our modern society? Is it still relevant to test one's level of innocence with a questionnaire that, in its early days, acted more like a teenage game?

Let's dive into the depths of this test and discover together the reality behind this famous purity quiz!

pictorial lustration of an angel and a demon
Image to illustrate the level of purity with the Griffor test (pure and impure). Image created for our website

How can I find out my purity level with the Griffor test?

To find out, you should perform the test. To do so, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. You answer questions by ticking the boxes corresponding to your past actions on the web ;
  3. The answers positive reduce your "purity" score.
  4. Based on your answers, a percentage score is calculated to assess your level of innocence.

The Griffor test is more than just a questionnaireIt represents an adventure in self-reflection, with the aim of helping each person to get to know themselves more deeply and understand their own actions, emotions and motivations.

What are the most common test topics?

In fact, the Griffor Purity Test includes several hundred questions grouped into different categories, such as :

  • The love and sex. Questions are asked about your first relationship, the number of previous partners, and circumstances related to jealousy, break-up or infidelity.
  • Alcohol and substance abuse. This beverage test is designed to examine your (average) drinking habits.
  • Personal challenges and self-esteem. The Griffor test also covers topics such as personal development, respect for authority and compliance with rules to assess your ability to take risks and your conflict management.
  • Likewiseother topics such as superstitions, kindness, unkindness, beliefs and phobias are also proposed during the test!

Some questions are slight Where humorous so as not to put off participants, while others may be more shocking Where intimate. The aim is to expose individuals to a variety of situations to assess their degree of "purity".

How to interpret your test result?

  • At the end of the test, each participant scores out of 100 which represents its level of purity.
  • According to the statistics, the average score is of 50/100We're all in the same boat," he says, emphasizing that everyone has their share of light and shadow.

The score therefore reflects your level of purity. A high score indicates degree of innocence and one lack of confrontation with potentially negative aspects of life. Conversely, lower scores reflect greater maturity resulting from a typical career path and a sense of adventure.

These results are intended to serve as a starting point for a new personal reflection and an opportunity toexchange views on the topics covered with those around you. Above all, the Griffor Test is an interesting and useful tool that enables us to get to know ourselves better and choose a life path in line with our values and aspirations.

Is there a perfect score for the Griffor test?

The answer is no, there is no perfect Griffor test score. Since everyone has a different definition of purity, this test is not intended to set a universal standard. The test is simply a fun way evaluate yourself and discover facets of your personality that have to do with purity.

Discover and share the Griffor purity test

Image of a young woman
Image to illustrate the level of purity with the Griffor test (the pure side). Image created for our website.

If you're curious about your level of innocence, you can easily find the questionnaire online and fill it in just a few minutes. Feel free to share your results with friends and discuss questions and topics. The Griffor Purity Test is primarily a means of breaking taboos andencourage discussion on sometimes delicate subjects.

In answering the test questions, you may be confronted with situations that you've never experienced before, or that are frightening. The aim is not to shock, but rather to encourage you to think about your own limits and the experiences you'd be prepared to undergo. The test can be an opportunity to discover new facets of your personality, or to share your thoughts with friends and family.

Origins and history of the Griffor purity test

In 1980 :

The Griffor test first appeared in the USA in the 1980s, initiated by a group of computer science students. They devised multiple-choice questions designed to assess participants' "purity", asking questions on a variety of topics such asalcohol, the sexuality and the drug. Although the creators displayed a certain provocative spirit, their aim was to have fun and test their programming skills.

A multiple source of inspiration:

The creators of the Griffor Purity Test drew their inspiration from a variety of sources, including films, books, jokes and personal experience. The result is a eclectic set of questionsThe questions are serious, humorous, anodyne and sometimes embarrassing. Over time, the test has evolved to include new topics to reflect the concerns and realities of life.

Then in 2020 ...

The test was published in various magazines and gained in popularity. In 2020, the creator of the Griffor Purity Test decided to withdraw the test from the French Web. However, many users have taken up this famous test and reinvented it with new questions, offering a more modern and benevolent 2020 version. The result is back to viral and many people test them to find out whether they are pure or impure.

The questions asked are generally very direct, and the results generate considerable interest on the most visited social networks. For example, the hashtag "testDePurete" appeared on X, accompanied by screenshots showing participants' cumulative scores and various comments.

Results vary from "you are pure at "you're diabolical"A wide range of answers to share your own purity assessment. No need to give your name or any other personal information to take part in the test.

What is a Griffor purity test?

The Griffor purity test explores various aspects of our lives, including issues related to morality, education, society, and many other subjects. The list is very long, comprising a total of hundred questions which you are asked to answer with a simple "yes" or "no" based on your personal experience. These questions are designed to help assess your personality. The Purity Test score ranges from 0 % to 100 %, which can reveal your outlook on life.

This test covers a number of different topics: alcohol, sex, drugs.... And anyone can take part. You need to answer objectively, because this test may reveal aspects of yourself that you haven't yet explored.

However, don't believe everything he says, as the results provided may not always be accurate. Have you ever tried to find out your purity level?

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