What percentage of commission does MYM fans take?

MYM or Meet Your Model is a social network like Instagram which currently has over 8 million subscribers. Certainly unpopular, but that's what makes it so captivating, it is exclusively reserved for stars and public figures. From this network, fans can receive personalized posts and content from their idols. However, it is not free, you need to subscribe to have the pleasure of talking to you with these models. So how much does MYM's commission cost?

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What does MYM's commissions include?

MYM's motto is transparency. Thereby, all them transactions and samples are brought to the attention of the members. Since a company has costs to pay, it is completely normal for her to receive shares. What are the different fees?

  • The Bank charges ;
  • The fees;
  • The VAT.

Bank charges

To avoid various payment problems that may affect member sales, the platform works with the best financial institutions. It certainly increases a little cost, but still ensures and secures all transactions. MYM is looking for reduce day-to-day costs All maintaining the same quality of service.For information the costs are passed on to the commission % so you are a winner!

Mym commissions and percentage:

Once the different fees deducted, MYM will remunerate these customers, who will amount to:

  • 75% subscriptions, which means that MYM takes 25 % ;
  • 80% private media for you, which gives a percentage total of 20% for MYM with these contents;
  • 80 % for each live stream, SO 20 % for MYM if your fans choose this service;
  • And if you win a tip, MYM will take 10% and then pay you 90%.

From these figures, we can see that the remuneration of creators who are members of the platform is attractive compared to competitors, in addition to having other MYM benefits.

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It is important to specify that fees charged do not include taxes. In effect, VAT is only paid after the invoice has been sent. To determine your VAT, just calculate the difference between what your fans paid, the amount you offered and what you receive.

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It is important to note that these percentages are deducted from your total monthly income, not content you share with your fans.

Why is this commission rate set on the platform?

The percentage that the network allocates is then used to maintain the site and pay various fees. Additionally, it also covers the various accommodation costs on the site. The amount of the subscription is set by the creator where the character in question and varies from 9.99 euros to 40.99 euros.

It is quite possible to earn a small amount of money thanks to this network. As long as you have a low profile, go beyond it and/or use MYM to monetize your business. Some stars have become millionaires thanks to the platform, simply know how to sell these services so that you can then negotiate prices with fans.

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