Which Marvel superhero is the strongest?

Marvelthe universe dedicated to the comic-book superheroes created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirbyis currently one of the most cult cinematic works by science fiction. The franchise has released several films, and we've put together a guide to help you decide in which order to watch them. watch Marvel.

Hulk, released in 2008, and Iron Manreleased the same year, were great successes. The popularity of these heroes reached an all-time high with the Avengers, appeared in 2011. Under the direction of the head of Marvel Studio, Kevin Feigewho is both director and producer of these franchises, the MCU currently counts 35 films based on Marvel comic book characters. Indeed, it's the main characters of these famous films. Let's get to know Marvel's strongest superhero.

Image of Marvel's most powerful superheroes
Photo of Marvel's most powerful superheroes. Source : Alucare.fr

Who's the strongest in Avengers?

The Avengers team is made up of several characters with extraordinary abilities. While some are almost immortal, others have the ability to psionically manipulate probabilities. The powers of the franchise's antagonists remain just as interesting, like the undeniable power of Thanos to synthesize cosmic energy. But who will be the strongest of the Avengers?

To answer this question, we need to look at the heroes who have already appeared in cinematic works. Many viewers agree that the Witch Redone of the female characters in Marvel, is the most powerful. Although she started out as a supervillain, the Red Witch has come full circle and is now considered one of the most powerful characters in the MCU. Thanks to her "hexagonal magic", she can project discharges and even manipulate the minds of her opponents. 

Photo of Marvel's strongest hero
Image depicting Capitain Marvel and the Red Witch, the most powerful of the Avengers. Source : Alucare.fr


Despite the Red Witch's power, she's not the most powerful. Captain Marvel surpasses her. Thanks to her photon powers, she can fly at over six times the speed of sound, and deplore super-powerful explosive energy with her fingertips. Kevin Feige He himself declared her to be the most powerful character ever to appear in a film. Captain Marvel is therefore the strongest character in Avengers, even if some of its capabilities on paper have yet to be realized.

Who is stronger than Thor?

the God of thunder should not be underestimated. Thor is both a superhero and a deity in the MCU. As the immortal Asgardian God, Thor possesses extraordinary strength, enabling him to lift 100 tons. With MjölnirWith the hammer he inherited from his father Odin, he can control lightning at will. What's more, he can survive the freezing cold of space.

Shot of Thor and Hulk
Shot showing the power of Thor and the Hulk. Source : Alucare.fr


But even with such power, there are heroes and villains who are stronger than Thor. If you compare Thor's brute strength to that of any other superhero, he's no match for Hulkwho is a ball of rage ready to destroy everything in his path. The Hulk showed some of his raw power in Thor 3 Ragnarok. The heir to Asgard will need even more determination to bring down the Green Monster.

Who's the strongest between the Hulk and Iron Man?

It's no secret that Hulk is a monster of specular anger. He's on the Marvel superhero roster. Basically, it's about Dr Robert Bruce Bannerwho was accidentally irradiated by gamma rays during an experiment gone wrong. Since then, when his anger gets the better of him, he transforms into this famous monster with green muscles and almost unlimited superhuman physical abilities. The Hulk can : 

  • Making leaps several metres in the air;
  • Give extremely powerful punches and kicks capable of breaking almost any material;
  • Decouple her power according to his anger and
  • Regenerate quickly in the event of injury.
photo of Iron Man and Hulk
Image featuring Iron Man and the Hulk, two superheroes with superhuman powers. Source : Alucare.fr


The advantage ofIron Man, is a matter for strategy. There's no denying that Tony Stark is a master strategist and technological genius, which is why he designed his famous robotic armor. Thanks to his iron armor, Iron Man is able to : 

  • Reaching a superhuman strength ;
  • Fly with its thrustersreaching Mach 8 ;
  • Fight back with your energy repellers or launch missiles ;
  • Taking care of yourself inside your iron suit.

In terms of brute force, the answer is clear: The Hulk is stronger than Iron Man. There's no denying that Iron Man's armor is particularly tough. But the green man can double or even triple his strength by becoming increasingly ill-tempered. Some would argue that Iron Man has a strategic advantage. However, he had to use the armor Hlkbuster to defeat the green titan's rage. So, without the need for special armor, the Hulk is the clear winner in terms of strength in this epic battle.

Who's stronger than the Hulk?

While the Hulk has defeated many superheroes, including Iron Man and Thor, his strength remains inferior to that of a villain, or rather aa super-villain, underestimated by Marvel. These are the Abomination. This creature was created in the same way as the Hulk. Indeed, it was, Emil Blonskya communist spy, took possession of Dr Bruce Banner's gamma-ray machine. Thanks to this technology, and after taking super-soldier serums, he was transformed into the Abomination.

Image showing the Abomination and the Hulk
Photo featuring the Abomination and the Hulk. Source : Alucare.fr


With his improved physique, the Abomination is more monstrous than the Hulk. He can exercise over 200 tonnes of pressure or lift loads of the same weight. Generally speaking, he possesses all the powers of the Hulk, with a few added advantages.

What makes him so special is that the Abomination naturally displays an unconditional love of violence and evil. So, despite the Green Titan's tons of muscle, the Abomination is stronger and more monstrous.

The magic of cinema never ceases to surprise us. What has impressed you most about the adventures of the heroes from the Marvel universe? And have you ever had the opportunity to meet your superheroes while visiting theMarvel hotel at Disney?

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