Can we visit the Marvel Hotel at Disney?

Are you a fan of comics or films by Marvel Studio? If so, the Marvel Hotel at Disney is the ideal place to immerse yourself in this universe, with a range of activities on offer. The Marvel Hotel is a 10-minute walk from Disney Parks, Disney Village and the Marne-la-Vallée Chessy RER station. If you have trouble finding your way around, the hotel is located at the north end of the lake, in front of Disney's Newport Bay Club. The hotel's New York ambiance plunges you into the world of your favorite superheroes.

Visit the Marvel Hotel

This 4-star hotel, inspired by Manhattan and the MARVEL masterpieces, guarantees total immersion in the world of Marvel superheroes. You can visit the lobby, store and common areas of the complex.

But for a more immersive experience, the hotel can also offer guided tours with an Art Guardian to admire the many works of art, i.e. the iconic objects and weapons of Marvel's superheroes.

You can discover the world of Iron Man and Spider-Man for yourself in the various galleries dedicated to them. At the same time, admire the impressive realistic portrait of Captain Marvel, one of the female characters in Marvel.

What's more, since this is a hotel, you'll also be able to stay. Enjoy a range of exceptional superheroic services in an incredible setting.

Photo of the Marvel Hotel building at DisneyLand
Illustration of the front of the Marvel Hotel at DisneyLand. Source :

Marvel Disneyland Paris hotel rates

Staying in Marv HoteleI of Disneyland in Paris is a unique adventure. For two days and one night, with access to the 2 parks, a room for two visitors costs from 480 euros, mut the price is worth it. The iinclude Captain America, Iron Man, Spider Man, Black Widow, Thor and all the other superheroes.

Lhe Marvel hotel features 565 Marvel superior rooms spread over 8 floors and 27 Marvel sequels. Here you'll find :

  • A bathroom with shower and/or bathtub with products in the hotel's colors;
  • A safe ;
  • Flat-screen TV with all Disney and international channels;
  • Mini-bar;
  • Elevator access and access for people with reduced mobility;
  • Courtesy tray with kettle;
  • And even a hair dryer.
Entrance and room at Disney's Marvel Hotel
Shot of the entrance and a room in the Marvel Hotel at DisneyLand Paris. Source :

Other installations such as restaurants, saunas, JacuzzisA bar, a meeting point with a Marvel superhero, etc. are available to guarantee a memorable stay. And don't forget that the hotel also boasts a fitness room. fitness, of land sports facilities and a special leisure room for young and old alike.

Prices at Marvel Hotel vary depending on the date and period you book. You can book your nights with or without park tickets. Here's an example of prices as of February 24, 2024 for 2 adults staying 2 days / 1 night (entry-level price):

Option Minimum price Maximum price
Overnight stay including park tickets 480€ 1340€
Night without park tickets or dry night 359€ 1038€


To take advantage of the cheaper offers, plan your stay at the Marvel Hotel during the following periods:

  • January and February (except French school vacations) ;
  • March, May, June and September (excluding weekends);
  • November (the second week between the Halloween and Christmas seasons);
  • Early December (especially Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday nights).

How do I get to the Avengers Campus?

the Avengers Campus is a popular attraction at Disneyland Paris' Marvel Hotel, where you can discover the superheroes of the MCU. There are several ways to access it. But in general, you need to get the official application who will help you find your way in advance.

avengers campus illustration at DisneyLand
Representative photo of Avengers Campus at DisneyLand. Source :

In the past, a reservation for PYM Kitche Where Hero Training Center allowed you to avoid queuing for the attraction, but this option is no longer available. We therefore recommendarrive early in the morning at the campus entrance.

However, if the queue is too long, the attraction may stay open later than planned. It's possible to get there around 9 p.m., or even 10:30 p.m., depending on the organization. And so.., find your way with theofficial application and plan your escapade into the adventures of the Avengers according to attendance.

How to meet Spider-Man at Disneyland Paris

Spider-Man has lulled the childhoods of many generations, and is appreciated for his determination and humility. You can meet him at Disneyland Paris in an attraction specially dedicated to him, in Avengers Campus or to Hero Training Center. To do this, a reservation is required via the official application.

Image showing Spider-Man in the Avengers Campus
Image of moments meeting Spider-Man in the Avengers Campus. Source :

Booking sessions are directly indicated by the application. But, in general, the queue is open from : 

  • 9 a.m. ;
  • 2 p.m. ;
  • 4:30 p.m. and 
  • 5:30 pm.

On the other hand, don't be late to discover Spiderman. The queue fills up at the speed of light. In fact, it can fill up every 5 minutes.

When can you see Groot at Disneyland Paris?

"My name is Groot", a phrase so beloved by fans of the saga of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Would you like to meet Groot? He's been there a long time. In fact, he's a mascot much loved at Disneyland Paris. On TikTok and Facebook, videos of Groot as a mascot are getting a lot of views, testifying to a unique experience when visiting the park.

Photo showing the meeting with Groot in DisneyLand
Image illustrating a meeting with Groot at DisneyLand's Avengers Campus. Source :

Since the opening of the Avengers Campus in 2022Groot welcomes visitors to this branch of the Park with his innocent air. So if you want to take some great photos with him and immerse yourself in the Marvel theme, a quick trip to theAvengers Campus will be a well-deserved adventure.


You don't have to be a Marvel hotel resident to enjoy a range of exceptional superheroic services in an incredible setting. For your next stay, let yourself be transported to New York in one of the spacious and sophisticatedly decorated rooms at Disney Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel. Are you ready for this unique experience?

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