What is the price of an Yves Rocher semi-permanent varnish application?

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With quality that can last longer on nails, more and more people are opting for semi-permanent polish. It's particularly recommended if you want to keep your nails intact during activities that aren't kind to them.

Find out everything you need to know about this nail polish and how much it costs to apply.

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Illustration of a person in varnish pose. Image taken from the Internet)
(Illustration of a person in a varnish pose).

Semi-permanent varnish, what is it?

A semi-permanent varnish may look like a classic varnish, but the two are very different. Semi-permanent varnish is in fact a acrylic gel which dries only with a UV or LED lamp.

Its main feature is its long-lasting properties (minimum 2 weeks), but it is also known for its aesthetic properties, ideal for nail art, particularly the famous "French" and its variants such as "Baby Boomer".

What prices are applied to the different Yves Rocher semi-permanent varnish methods?

Semi-permanent nail varnish can be applied in a salon or in the comfort of your own home (although, of course, the service will be more expensive). On the other hand, the price of semi-permanent nail polish for the hands is not the same as for the feet.


Depending on color and style, prices range from 25 and 40 euros for semi-permanent varnish on the hand. Indeed, if you choose sophisticated nail art, it will cost you more. On average, 30 euros for a colored semi-permanent nail polish and 35 euros for a French semi-permanent varnish. Some beauticians even offer the latter option for 45 euros.


It will take between 25 and 40 euros to apply semi-permanent varnish to the toenail. It also depends on the desired effect. The cost of French semi-permanent varnish remains the highest.

Laying semi-permanent nail polish at home

The cost of a semi-permanent varnish application at home for special occasions, with family or friends, is usually estimated on the basis of a quotation. In general, an additional 20% is added to the evening service (from 8pm for some), on weekends (Sundays) and public holidays.

Illustration of a person in varnish pose. Image taken from the Internet)
Illustration of a person in a varnish pose).

Note: Although there is no direct information on nail services at Yves Rocher in the section provided, we can nevertheless expect a full service including:

  • the cleaning ;
  • Nail preparation, etc. 

As a result, the results are perfect, and the semi-permanent varnish lasts longer. It's important to note that a manicure performed by a professional not only guarantees aesthetic results, but also ensures the health of your nails.

Impact of the choice of model and color of semi-permanent varnish

The price of a semi-permanent varnish application at Yves Rocher depends mainly on of the service required :

  • For a manicure of plain colorthe average price is 30 euros ;
  • For varnish application, which requires a some precisionThe average price of 30 euros can vary and can reach up to 35 euros or more.

What are the side effects of semi-permanent varnish?

Despite its particularly attractive shine and durability, semi-permanent nail polish is not suitable for all nail types. If your nails are fragile, If your hair is forked or too short, it's best not to choose this varnish. In fact, in addition to not holding, the various coats applied risk damaging the skin.further damage your nails by blocking their ventilation.

Also, consult experts for your semi-permanent varnish application remains the best option. Although manufacturers are increasingly recommending that you apply them yourself, in all cases experience will make the difference in the results obtained.

Can I consult a general practitioner without an appointment?

Everyone living in France is supposed to have a general practitioner, or médecin traitant. This means that a person can be followed throughout his or her life by the same doctor, and it enables the general practitioner to follow the people in his or her care as closely as possible.

Of course, anyone can contact a GP who is not their GP. In the past, it was possible to consult a GP without an appointment, but today doctors work shorter hours to be able to respond to as many requests as possible.

For economic reasons, a clinic can no longer operate by accepting walk-in patients, maximum organization is required to meet the needs of the public. If you'd like more information on this subject, visit dlese, where you'll find answers to all your questions on the subject, and possibly solutions to any problems you may encounter.

It's important to be well-informed on this subject, so you won't be surprised if you're refused a walk-in consultation, and you'll know which alternatives are right for you.

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