Card One Piece: The Trading Card Game


  • The cards in the One Piece Card Game have a standard size, compatible with the protections used for other famous card games such as Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh.
  • These cards can be purchased at various points of sale, including the first official Pop-Up Store in Paris, or online on platforms such as Amazon, where prices vary.
  • The game offers various types of products, including starter decks, boosters, and premium collections, allowing players to immerse themselves in the world of One Piece and experience epic duels.

One Piece Card Game is a strategic trading card game that immerses you in the thrilling world of the One Piece manga. Play as your favorite characters and battle your opponents in epic duels to become the King of Pirates.

In the article :

  • Card dimensions and sizes (to buy the right protectors)
  • And where to buy One Piece card packs

Board size One Piece :

For your information, One Piece cards are STANDARD in size. Same size as Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc...

You can also use protective pouches like this one:

What are ONE PIECE card games?

As you probably know, One PIECE card games are cards to put together. Most of these cards are characters from the ONE PIECE series created by Eiichiro Oda. Check out different collectible card here:

The game offers 4 types of Starters Deck, they are representatives of a family in each character, for example:

  • The deck and its straw hat crew;
  • The deck and the worst generation;
  • The deck and its crew with a hundred beasts;
  • The deck as well as the seven Grand Corsairs.

Where can I buy One Piece cards?

You can buy your cards at the first official One Piece Card Game Pop-Up Store in Paris.. You can also turn to other physical or online stores, such as Amazon. The unit price of a card may vary from one store to another.

Here are some details about the One Piece Card Game sold online at Amazon :

  • One Piece Premium Card Collection Film Red Edition Folder Binder Limited Edition
  • BANDAI ONE Piece Card Game Extra Booster Memorial Collection EB-01 (Box) 24-pack
  • TheThree Brothers One Piece Card Game ultra starter deck
  • Bandai ONE Piece Card Game Romance Dawn, Premium Card Collection 25th Anniversary Bandai
  • One Piece TCG: Big MOM Pirates starter deck
  • Bandai Premium Card Collection - Live Action Edition (a pack of 9 cards)

  • Special Box / Pack One Piece TCG

This is just part of the long list of One Piece Cards available in online stores. Stay tuned for the latest collection.

How much do the One Piece booster packs cost?

On Amazon, the unit price of a booster One Piece Card Game varies from 2.50 euros to 49.90 euros. There's also a special offer, valid while stocks last. Details are available online. If a card is marked unavailable on a site, you can always try to find it elsewhere to complete your collection.

Feel free to compare prices and choose the store that suits you best.

Tips for buying One Piece boosters :

  • Define your budget : One Piece boosters can have different prices depending on the store and the type of booster. Define your budget before you start buying to avoid overspending.
  • Find out more about different series of boosters : One Piece offers different series of boosters, each with its own theme and cards. Find out more about the different series to choose the one that interests you most.
  • Buy several boosters : The more boosters you buy, the more likely you are to find the cards you're looking for. However, it's important not to spend more than you can afford.
  • Have fun! The main objective is to have fun and share your passion for One Piece with your friends.

We also have price of a Pokémon booster.

What do you need to know about these trading cards?

Here is some information:

  1. The ONE PIECE card games were published in Japan by Bandai.
  2. The illustrations on the ONE PIECE cards are taken from the anime. However, some illustrations are specific to the card game.
Illustration of the One Piece trading card game. Photo taken from the Internet.

Dive into the exciting world of One Piece with your own card collection!

Collect the cards of your favorite characters and build your ideal deck for frenzied games. Review your strategies and win epic duels!

Discover a wide range of cards:

  • Unitary Cards featuring iconic One Piece characters, each with its own unique abilities.
  • Decks Pre-built card sets to get you quickly into battle.
  • Collections A series of thematic maps to relive key moments in the adventure.

Consult the details of each card and check their availability before ordering. Take advantage of price advantageous and complete your collection today!

Go on an adventure and experience epic battles with your box One Piece. Each box must contain a selection of English cards :

  • Boosters ;
  • Promos ;
  • Leader;
  • Rare ;
  • Accessories.

Discover from NEW CARDS and expand your collection for a wild ride. Take advantage of offers and promotions exclusive. Consult the list of boxes available and order yours today! Check details about the delivery.

Whether you're a die-hard fan or a novice gamer, our One Piece cards promise entertainment and adventure.

Here are some examples of the One Piece boxes available:

  • Beginner : Ideal for new players, this box contains everything you need to start playing One Piece Card Game.
  • Adventure : it contains a selection of cards perfect for exciting adventures.
  • Action: contains powerful cards for epic battles.
  • Collector : it contains rare and exclusive cards to add to your collection.

Remark : One Piece card games may contain scenes of romance and violence. Adult supervision is recommended.

Visit a store like One Piece Card Game in Paris to buy the card that's missing from your collection. If you shop online, you'll sometimes see the words "indisponible" or "épuisé" underneath the cards. This means that the item is out of stock.

In general, the price of a single One Piece board can be as follows between €0.50 and €200or even more for the rarest and most sought-after cards.

One Piece Card Game is more than just a card game, it's an immersive experience that lets you live the One Piece adventure like never before. Ready to take up the challenge and find the best promotional offer, delivery already included? Discover also thehe best One Punch Man" merchandise.

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