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  1. Take advantage of a 17% discount on the entire Saitama store with the exclusive promo code ALUCAREvalid on a wide range of products dedicated to the One Punch Man universe.
  2. Discover various articles such as clothing, figurines, smartphone cases and other accessories, all inspired by the characters and aesthetics of One Punch Man.
  3. Benefit from secure purchasing and international shippingwith quality products that guarantee satisfaction and fidelity to the manga atmosphere.

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Saitama Shop Exclusive Promo Code Information = ALUCARE -17% en 2024

Are you a fan of One Punch Man, the manga written and drawn by One? If so, you'll probably want to find all your precious items in the Saitama store! It's a platform where you can find a whole catalog of your favorite One Punch Man characters, heroes and monsters in 2024!

This reference site offers you a complete range of quality one-punch man products, all original! If you're thinking of saving money by buying accessories from Saitama, you've come to the right place. How can you indulge your passion for opm objects on a budget?

In this article, discover the exclusive Saitama Shop promotional code and the items available on the platform.

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Illustration of the Sai Boutique interface
Screen of the official website

Get -17% discount on all Saitama store items

Saitama Boutique offers a wide selection ofarticles, of the figurines or some clothing of your favorite one punch man characters. If you'd like to save money or take advantage of a money-saving discount, use our coupon code ALUCARE to receive your products at the best prices!

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In 2024If you would like to save money on items in the Saitama store, the currently active promo codes are : ALUCARE.

Don't hesitate to add our page to your favourites to take advantage of this opportunity. discount of -17% on all your purchases at Boutique Saitama.

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Various items available on the platform

The Saitama store offers several sections dedicated to the sale of everything revolving around the One Punch Man world, including :

  • The clothing ;
  • Regarding the figurines ;
  • Regarding the hulls ;
  • Others accessories ;
  • Objects from decoration.


Saitama Boutique's ready-to-wear opm garments are of exceptional textile quality. plunge into the world of Saitama and the Headquarters of the Association of Heroes, true to the world of the bald man!

However, whether you're a fan of hero or monster headquarters, you're bound to find something to suit your taste at Saitama Boutique. In this section, you'll find :

  • Regarding the hoodies one punch man ;
  • Regarding the t-shirts ;
  • Regarding the cups ;
  • Regarding the tracksuits ;
  • Regarding the shoes ;
  • Regarding the cosplays ;
  • Regarding the caps ;
  • Regarding the jackets, etc.

Why choose opm clothing from Saitama Boutique?

The reason is because the whole quality is now available from Saitama Boutique! With dedicated support, if you're not sure which size is right for you, you're invited to contact the website and tell them your weight and height in cm so that the team can guide you to the size that's right for you! A sizing guide is also available if you want to be sure of your size before purchase.

Place your orders with the code ALUCARE :

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Image illustration of the clothes on Boutique Saitama
Official website screen


Dreams can come true, so why not own some One Punch Man figurines to embellish your room! All your opm character figurines are here and waiting for you! Other types of figurines are also available, such as :

  • Statues ;
  • Regarding the lamp figurines ;
  • Figurines in statuette.

If you have loved ones who share this passion, you can give them these carefully crafted figurines, with the best imitation you could hope for.

In this case, instead of choosing premium reinforced PVC figurines, choose collectible figurines from Saitama Boutique that are manufactured from solid resin with excellent finish and quality. There's something for everyone: a One Punch Man Golden Saitama figurine, a One Punch Man Tatsumaki figurine, a Garou figurine, a Saitama fist figurine, a One Punch Man pop, and more.

Want to offer your loved ones quality products?

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Why choose Saitama Boutique for your opm figures?

Some would say that for a more sensational adventure, it's better to wander the streets of Japan looking for stores selling original figurines, products or opm items. Well, on the one hand, they're right, but on the other hand, you need to have the budget for it!

What's more, you run the risk of running into problems at customs, possibly being assessed as an international smuggler and having your figurines confiscated, which would be a shame.

With Saitama Boutique, place your opm orders in one click and receive your parcels in complete safety !

An opportunity not to be missed, use the code ALUCARE for a discount of 17% :

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Want to add a personal touch to your smartphone? Visit the Saitama Boutique "shell" section.

  • Whether you have a iPhone, Samsung, LG or a Huaweiopm cases are here to help you protect your phone!
  • There are also opm hulls for Airpods.

Ask superheroes or your favorite opm monsters to protect your phone. In any case, buying a smartphone or Airpod case from Saitama Boutique won't cost you any more than buying a new cell phone or Airpod! It's up to you to decide, but stay true to your interests and you'll see, it can even be a source of motivation for you, right?

Protect your smartphones with one punch man covers at the best stores :

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Illustration of different shells on Boutique Saitama
Website screen

Other new accessories

Want to surround yourself every day with your favorite One Punch Man superheroes or monsters? If so, choose from a range of original accessories in this store! You'll find everything you need for indulge your passion to the full for one punch man, or plunge into the world you love so much to brighten up your day, but most importantly, the quality is yours!

Among the various objects available on the platform, you have :

  • Regarding the anti-covid masks, the most basic ;
  • Regarding the watches ;
  • Handbag ;
  • Case ;
  • Mouse pads ;
  • Goodies ;
  • Key ring, etc.

Whether you're going to work or school, you can carry the items you care about with you and even become S-Class heroes like Black Brillant, Batteman, Genos and more! Saitama Boutique is the ideal reference point for those seeking the most faithful opm collections!

Why buy opm accessories from Saitama Boutique?

The answer is quite simple, because the objects you find on the platform are unique and if you don't like items you find everywhere, then you've come to the right place at Saitama Boutique! Please also note that opm accessories on this platform are not available on only a few of the platforms. So for original products, choose Saitama Boutique!

What's more, the design is highly professional, worthy of superheroes like you! Prints are made in HD, with precise color and meticulous detail.

Get the best price with code ALUCARE at Saitama :

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Illustration of various accessories from the Saitama boutique
Official website screen


Would you like to decorate your room with objects or one-punch characters? If so, Saitama Boutique's decoration section is for you!

Turn your office or bedroom into a headquarters of the King Orochi Monster Association the association of your favorite heroes with wall decorations, paintings, canvases, etc.

Among the opm deco items not to be missed:

  • Tables are available in L, XL, XXL;
  • Posters ;
  • Pillowcases, etc. to embellish your bedroom...

All you have to do is choose the option you want, and you're done!

So, are you ready to transform your home?

🏡Buy decorative products from Saitama Boutique🏡

Illustration of the various decorative items in the Saitama store
Official website screen

It's worth noting that the prints are meticulously crafted in HD, which can completely change the mood of the room you choose with Saitama Boutique's decorative objects!


To further assist you when shopping at One punch man Saitama boutique, here are questions many face:

How quickly can I receive my parcel?

Delivery times vary depending on where you live. On average :

  • If you live in France, you will receive your parcel between one to two weeks
  • If you live in Europe, you will receive your parcel between two and three weeks
  • If you live elsewhere, delivery can be made between about three and four weeks.

What do customers think of Saitama Boutique?

A reference site, customers rate Saitama Boutique 4.6/5 out of 71 reviews. As a result, customers are generally satisfied with their offers. What's more, with the ALUCARE promo code, enjoy your favorite items at unbeatable prices!

How can I be sure that my payment is secure?

All payments made on our website are subject to SSL protocol in cooperation with small French and international banks. Be sure to check the Htpps and locks in your navigation bar.

International delivery: Can I receive my parcel from a foreign country?

Yes, all you have to do is enter the exact address you want when you pay!

So, are you ready to find your best One Punch Man item?

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