How much does a Pokemon booster cost?

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A booster is a set of cards, some of which are often unique and of great value. For game collectors, a Pokémon booster is a must-have item. We are going to talk about the cost of a booster and how to get one.

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How much does a Pokémon booster cost?

To answer this question, bear in mind that Pokémon booster prices vary depending on the type, age and condition of the cards included. On some sites, prices are relatively inexpensive, ranging from 7 to 20 euros. However, some boosters are older and rarer and can cost over 50 $. Similarly, some are so special because they include holographic cards and exclusive items, which makes them a pleasure to use. more expensive yet.

How can we find it?

As this is a rare collector's item, a booster is sold. at a relatively high price and finding them is no easy task. However, it is possible to find sites that sell them at comparable prices, but this requires vigilance, as there are some fakes out there, especially those found on unofficial sites.

We therefore advise you to buy via Amazon to avoid any kind of scam.

How to recognize a real booster?

Telling the difference between a real and a fake booster comes down to a few points to check:

  • Boosters inside a fake display are not arranged in the right order;
  • The box has poor print quality (Pokémon details are not included: they are smoother and the colors are lighter).
  • Compared with the back of a genuine Pokémon card, the back of a counterfeit card features different shades on the logo and on color.

On which sites can you buy Pokémon boosters?

Pokémon boosters are on sale on several sites at the average price of 7,99 €. Here are some of the French-speaking distributor sites:

  • Pikastore
  • Ultragames
  • Play in by MagicBazar
  • Pokemon Card

However, we recommend you buy here:

They are available in batches of several boosters on sites like fnac, amazon or e-bay.

How does a booster work?

Pokémon boosters are intended for be used at a CGC (a collectible card game in which the player is required to use his cards in a carefully thought-out way). Cards can represent characters, of the objects, of the playing conditions Where locations. The agility to collect, merge and trade cards is a particularity of the genre. Each player's progress is measured by a line containing the number of stars accumulated. A booster is awarded after 12 victories in a game. theme deck (also called preconstructed deck or Starter: a predefined game platform according to a theme).

Pokemon-Pokéball Image

How to play with a booster?

10 cards are extracted at random of a single draw: 5 or 6 ordinary cards, 3 or 4 rare cards and 1 very rare card. In fact, each draw contains cards from each of these categories, with the rarest being the least numerous.

To play with a Pokémon booster, you must deposit 5 classic Pokémon cards face down, on your game board. Then take out the First 6 cards of your previous drawEach player can then place them in the "Reward Cards" area. Each player discover its Pokémon in-game and the one on its tray, face up, to start the match.

What is the value of each card?

It's useful to know how to estimate the value of the cards you hold, so you can easily "deal" with your opponents. For example, you can Pikachu Illustrator is currently one of the Pokémon in the world. In 2019, it cost $195,000 (184,413.45 euros), only to return to break the record by selling for $900,000 a card in February 2022 and $1,096,193 in April 2023. If not, we can name some of the rarest cards at the moment with their estimated values:

  • Neo Genesis 1st Edition Holographic Lugia: 144,300 dollars (127,000 euros)
  • Japanese Promo Card / Family Event Trophy / Kangourex Holo : 150 100 dollars (132,500 euros)
  • "Backless Tortank / Galaxy Star Hologram: 360,000 dollars (318,000 euros)
  • 1st Edition Dracaufeu (Holographic) / SGC GOLD LABEL PRISTINE 10,369,000 dollars (326,000 euros).
  • 1998 Japanese Promo Card / HOLO / Illustrator Pikachu / PSA 7 NRMT : 375,000 (331,000 euros)
  • Raichu Pre-Release card: Given its rarity, it's impossible to estimate its price until it's actually released. Theoretically, this is the Pokémon the most expensiveeven though it has never been sold.

To sum up, here are some Pokémon Booster price ideas. Of course, we recommend that you buy from a reputable site to avoid any form of scam.

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