Outpush VS Rollerads: All you need to know

In this article, we'll look at the differences between Outpush and RollerAds: all the important information you need to know in order to choose the right push notification network!

First of all, push notification systems enable you to retrieve subscribers from a computer or cell phone. These are users you can notify via push notifications on mobile and PC. These systems are very useful for bringing them back to your site for new information.

Regies such as Outpush and Rollerads also enable you to monetize your subscribers by sending push messages, and thus earn substantial additional income.

For the record, I'm giving my opinion after testing both sites. I've included the respective affiliate links in the article. I'll tell you what I think, and then it's up to you to make your own choice. What's more, there are other advertising networks on the market that I haven't yet tested (because there aren't many people urging me to do so, even though many people use Outpush). So that means it works well).

To test Outpush

To test RollerAds

PS: I had already given feedback on the article: My opinion of Outpush.

Outpush vs RollerAds: Who wins?

For those who are too lazy to read the whole article, here's the summary (however, it's advisable to read the whole thing for better understanding and to avoid mistakes):

  • Outpush lets you keep own notificationsfor lower incomesbut to send only clean push. This avoids the hassle of push scams, but brings in less money, which is normal.
  • RollerAds lets you earn more moneybut your subscribers will receive scam notifications of the type: You have won XXX$ and behind tunnels for recover money (email recovery for the least worst with free subscription) (paying after X days/week in large amounts)

It's possible to ban ads for Rollerads, but you'll have to do it by hand and the gains will be reduced + it's time-consuming.

So two types of site :

  • Clean" site like alucare.fr and you want to keep a clean push base, not have problems with your subscribers and be sure not to be penalized.
  • As a "dirty" site that gets adequate traffic for a short period (a few months maximum) and needs to be actively monetized to earn as much money as possible, RollerAds is the aggressive choice.

PS: I assume that Google sees subscriptions and unsubscriptions. With RollerAds, your push subscriber base is put to the test, so if more unsubscribes = poorer push quality, the site's quality is poorer. Of course, this may not be true, time will tell, but if you ask me, I prefer to keep it clean.

For my part, I am returned to Outpush after testing RollerAds for 3 and a half days because the pushes were so bad. I had people on twitter tag me saying why I was trying to scam him (as the site name is displayed on the pushes as a reminder). I placed the link below in the article of one of the tags received.

To test Outpush

To test RollerAds

Comparison between Outpush and RollerAds

Number of pushes sent :

The number of pushes sent is different:

  • Outpush = 3-6 pushes per day (but you can contact Outpush to ask for less)
  • RollerAds = push every 20 minutes (you can contact the affiliate manager to reduce them), or 3 pushes at a time in one hour.

The higher the number of push messages sent, the greater the risk of losing your push subscribers, because if they don't open the message, it will be automatically unsubscribed. What's more, the more notifications someone receives, the more bored they'll get and the more likely they'll be to unsubscribe if they know how (not many people).

Quality of push sent :

Quality tells you whether you're going to make money, but also whether you're going to run into problems later, such as fraudulent advertising. You'll pay more BUT you take more risk.

  • Outpush = Works with Criteo / Equativ / adYoulike / Taboola (No direct, the platform is closed to individual advertisers) so own pushes. without scams.
  • RollerAds = Push of: phone for €1, you've won €XXX, etc. So... full of scams.

Outpush, I've been using it for 1.5 years, I've never had any problems except that people ask me why they get Taboola notifications (but no one is unhappy).

3 days and a half on RollerAds and I received tags on twitter saying I was winning 300 000$.

Tweet where I'm tagged for scamming

Push base recovery :

You can retrieve your push database to change your push network.

  • Outpush = Help with setting up and retrieving push bases cleanly
  • RollerAds = Dirty push retrieval without requesting authorization from the front-end + does not offer to send the push base to another advertising network.

With the 3 and a half days on RollerAdsI lost 40,000 subscribers that I can't get back. The problem is that I've lost the push base that was bringing me €10 a day. So I've lost €10 a day because I've tested -4 days...

1 week later, a technique is tested to recover the abo base to see if it is effective. Of course, recovery to 100% is not possible and takes time.


What I think will interest the most people!

  • Outpush: gains are rather low but the larger the push base, the more the earnings increase. Even if your site is shut down, earnings will remain stable (downwards) for 1 month and then gradually decrease.
  • RollerAds earnings are huge, but don't last in time.

I went from 20€ a day to 50€ a day with RollerAds, knowing that they were taking half my active subscribers. I had 203€ in my account in 3 and a half days.

So, given what I've said above, since I can't restore my active base by going back to outpush = I'm losing out over time. I was still earning €10 a day with outpush, so the active base of 40,000 subscriptions out of 330,000 subscriptions (minus active) represented 50% of outpush revenue.


To make you pay :

  • Outpush = automatic payment every month (if over €5)
  • RollerAds = automatic payment every month >500$ and manual payment >500$ (for bank transfer I've only tried this).

For outpush based in Belgium, there is no VAT for those outside Belgium.


My personal choice after testing = Back to Outpush because I prefer to keep my project viable. I earn money from advertising and visitors to my site, so if I lose visitors, I lose money too.

To test Outpush

To test RollerAds

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