Information on business gift cards?


  • Business gift cards vary from one model to another, offering employees flexibility and choice for purchases in an extensive network of stores.
  • These cards are accepted in a wide variety of establishments, making them easy to integrate into employees' spending habits.
  • The Incentive card stands out for its two-year validity and worldwide acceptance.

In the professional world, the employee gift card is an essential reward and motivation tool particularly popular. As a genuine way of offering benefits to employees, this solution has proved its worth. However, it's sometimes difficult to know where to use business gift cards, and what consumer benefits they offer. In this article, we propose to shed some light on these aspects, to make it easier for you to use your business gift cards.

Image showing a person giving a gift card
Image of a person giving a gift card

The different types of business cards

With the evolution of technology, it is now possible to offer an e-gift card instead of a physical card. Employers can send it by e-mail. But this in no way detracts from the practicality and appeal of e-gift cards.authenticity of gift cards that we can touch, with a well-polished front and back, a unique model that simply pleases.

These gift cards can be ordered, created and printed in no time at all, for maximum customer satisfaction. There are a number of different models and options to choose from. Customers can choose the shape that appeals most to them.

Imprinting a company's brand or name on the gift card can also be a wonderful idea. In any case, everyone can choose the version that suits them best. Giving them to your customers is also a marketing strategy to build loyalty.

To all you need to know about business gift cardsYou need to be aware of the different types of gift cards. The classic corporate gift card is generally credited with a amount determined by the employer and can be used within a specific network of partners.

A wide variety of stores accept this type of card, from clothing stores to restaurants, cinemas and travel agencies. This type of card offers great flexibility of use for the employee, who can choose the store that best suits his or her needs and desires.

Similar to the classic gift card, the corporate gift certificate is also pre-loaded with a set amount. It is often offered to supplement salary or to reward an employee on a special occasion (birthday, Christmas, retirement, etc.). A wide variety of companies accept gift vouchers, enabling employees to take full advantage of this benefit.

As for the bank card with codeThis is a solution reserved for companies that have a business account with a bank. It provides the employer with a dedicated means of payment for business expenses. This solution offers a number of advantages for managers, such as simplified management of business expenses, secure transactions and access to specific services and offers for professionals.

What are the networks and types of partner chains?

Today, business gift cards can be used in a wide range of stores, making them easy to integrate into employees' shopping habits. Department stores offer a wide range of products, from household equipment to clothing, electronics and home decoration. Numerous major brands appreciate the business cards, which give them access to a wide range of offers.

Business gift cards are also accepted in a large number of shopping centers, including several partner brands all in one place. This makes it much easier for employees to take advantage of their benefits.

But did you know that in addition to boutiques and stores, business gift cards can also be used in certain restaurants and cafés?

Why use a PCS Incentive business gift card?

Do you want to revitalize your recognition practices and cultivate the well-being of your employees on a daily basis? With the Incentive card, reward each member of your team in a unique way. It's an excellent way to encourage individual and collective fulfillment, and to drive your company's success.

How to use your business gift cards online

You can use your gift card online, on the partner store's website. Please note that the card is valid for a specific period, after which it cannot be used again.

The process remains the same as any purchase from an online store :

  • Choose the items or product you need in your personal space;
  • Check the prices per unit and add them to your basket;
  • Add your delivery address if you choose this option, and you're ready to go. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest store to collect your order.

A corporate gift card is a great way for employers to reward employees. You can choose from a wide range of items and services to celebrate your success and take advantage of these benefits. memorable moments. The advantages of PCS Incentive gift cards? Less logistics, simple functionality, enhanced security, two-year validity online and worldwide...

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