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✔️ Boost performance
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✔️1 months of dietary supplements

❤️ Our test
❤️ Our test



✔️24 natural ingredients
✔️Note = 4.9
✔️1 months of dietary supplements

My review of Madmonq, the 💊 gamer 🎮 pill that boosts 🔋 your gaming skills with natural 🍃 products.

I was contacted by Madmonq to test their product, I received the parcel in February 2022 with two 30-day booster packs inside for testing. I'll give you my opinion on the product in this article.

If after reading my review you want to order, please use the promo code : ALUCARE. Thank you very much!

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Information coupon code Madmonq = ALUCARE -10% in 2024

💎 Site Madmonq
💰 Price 19.95€ per month -> 26.95€ oneshot
💸 Promo code ALUCARE for -10%
🌍 Languages French, English, German, Czech


My Madmonq Opinion:

Since I live in Thailand, I had a customs problem (because my customs number wasn't done yet) but once I finally received and opened the parcel, I loved the packaging. One of my best friends came over and when he saw the packaging he said:

  • I don't know what it is BUT it makes you want to buy!
Madmonq parcel with the product : Champion and Madmonq
Madmonq parcel with the product : Champion and Madmonq


The two boxes of MADMONQ® CHAMPION and MADMONQ®
The two boxes of MADMONQ® CHAMPION and MADMONQ®

At the time, I was on a carnivorous diet (eating nothing but meat), so I decided to try the Champion food supplements first.



MADMONQ® CHAMPION is the ultimate power-up for every day, specially formulated to support the long-term health of gamers. It contains over 24 essential nutrients, aimed at overcoming common deficiencies among gamers. Get ready to sharpen your sixth sense, becoming a relentless machine in pursuit of victory. Just one tablet a day is all it takes to show that health is, without doubt, the most crucial element in your gaming arsenal.

A Champion pill in the lid of its box.
A Champion pill in the lid of its box.

Once I'd opened the jar, I wanted to smell the product, but I didn't like the smell and I was in "I'm probably not going to like the taste" mode. I took one and the taste wasn't so bad, I didn't mind having it in my mouth.
After about 3 days, I began to appreciate the taste. You get used to it pretty quickly. If taste is a problem for you, you have several options:

  • chew it to go faster
  • Chew the tablet and swallow with a glass of water


Here are the two unpacked boxes
Here are the two unpacked boxes


Version 3.0 of the flagship product for gamers' health and performance features a formulation based on natural ingredients, free from sugar, artificial colorants and preservatives, and is now enriched with BRAINBERRY®. This chewable pill offers immediate action as well as long-term benefits for body and mind, helping to improve users' gaming rank and self-confidence.

How to take Madmonq products:

To take madmonq products, you need to suck or chew them, which takes about 15 minutes.

Madmonq effects:

As for me, I tested the dietary supplements first, so it takes longer to see the effects and we're often less aware of them. I'm going to take the boost next month and I'll update my review page to give you much more advice.

What I can say is that by searching on google and Trustpilot, very few bad reviews, no side effects detected and posted online.

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