Which team to join in Pokémon Go?

From the very start of your Pokémon GO adventure, a decisive choice looms: select the team that will color your journey. On Level 5, the dilemma arises: Bravery with Sulfura, Wisdom with Artikodin, or Intuition with Electhor? Similar to choosing a starter, this decision impacts your gaming experience.

This article dissects the intricacies of each team, offering an informed perspective to guide your choice to enjoy a better Pokémon GO adventure.

Choosing between 3 teams: our advice

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Illustration of the three teams in the Pokémon Go Game: Source: Alucare.fr

Pokémon GO teams become available at trainer level 5, marking the start of your arena adventure. On your first foray into an arena, the game will confront you with a trinary choice, including :

  • The Intuition team color yellowwhose leader is Spark and mascot is Electhor;
  • The Sagesse team color bluewhose leader is Blanche and mascot is Artikodin;
  • The Bravoure team color redwhose leader is Candela and mascot is

If you choose the right team, you'll have less or no need forhacking and cheating in Pokémon Go. But what are the differences between these three teams?

Consider each team's specialties and values

Intuition Pokémon eggs hatching (CP and candy + high)
  • Generous
  • More optimistic than pessimistic
  • Prefers change to routine
  • Very creative
  • Dreamer
  • Imaginative
  • Intuitive
Wisdom Pokémon evolution (CP + high)
  • Open-minded
  • Surrounded and tolerant
  • Able to step out of his comfort zone
  • Multiply your experiences
  • Constantly learning
  •  Wise and thoughtful
Bravery Pokémon capture (CP + high)
  • Courageous
  • Valiant
  • Able to cope with the most complicated situations
  • Handles the unexpected
  • Staying strong in the face of adversity


Which team would choose you over the specialties and values of all three? Here are some other tips to consider:

Give priority to feeling

Don't let your team choice be dictated by popularity alone. Whether it's out of affection for your favorite Pokémon or your beloved Legendary, feeling matters.Choose with conviction, because all teams share a common goal: eliminate opponents and conquer the Pokémon world.

Encourage mutual support

Pokémon GO is all about helping each other. Coordinate with friends and family by joining a team of the same color. The adventure is much more exciting when you face the challenges together. Avoid the absurdity of being the only one to choose Team Intuition from among your Bravery friends.

Be strategic

Take a strategic approach by observing the surrounding arenas. Identify the predominant team and choose between the two remaining teams for a thrilling territorial competition.. It's a fun way to liven up your life as a budding trainer.

Leaving one team to join another in Pokémon Go

Image illustration of the Pokémon Go game
Image created for our guide to choosing a team in the Pokémon Go game. Source : Alucare

Your team, once chosen, will determine the color of any arena you control. As a representative, your mission will be to extend the influence of your color through Pokémon battles, creating friendly competition between the three teams. The stakes: earn daily Poképièces and obtain a Premier Ball bonus during Raids.

And since February 26, 2019, the option to change teams has been in place. By investing 1000 Poképièces in a Team Medallion available in the Game Shop, you can select a new team each year.

Now that you've got all the information on the Pokémon GO teams, which one are you thinking of joining? Opt for the decision that seems best suited to your gaming experience, without forgetting to take advantage of Pokémon Go promo codes.

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