Who are the main characters in One Punch Man?

When it comes to "One Punch Man", the epic manga created by ONE and adapted by Usuke Muratacharacters are at the heart of the action. Earth, similar to our own, is constantly under assault from "villains" and "monsters", but dedicated "heroes" unfailingly watch over its protection.

So who are the most memorable "One Punch Man" heroes and villains? Find out here.

Heroes in One Punch Man

Here are the characters who embody bravery and determination in this series:


Image illustration of Saitama One Punch Man
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Saitama, the protagonist of One Punch Man, may seem harmless and simple at first glance. Bald and often simply drawn, his appearance doesn't attract much attention. However, he is the world's most powerful hero. It all began when he rescued a child from a belligerent crabman. This event inspired him to become strong, and after three years of intensive training, he became "One-Punch Man", capable of defeating his enemies with a single blow. It's for this reason that he is constantly depicted with his powerful punch in the illustrations, as well as on One Punch Man action figures.

Saitama's power has left him bald, however, and he now finds himself bored by the ease with which he triumphs over his opponents. Despite his legendary strength, he remains humble and unconcerned in the face of danger, often displaying an air of astonishment, not seeking glory.

His modesty keeps him at the bottom of the heroic rankings, even if he is Earth's savior on more than one occasion.


Illustration by Tatsumaki
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A 28-year-old unique among One Punch Man's heroes, Tatsumaki has telekinetic powers, enabling her to rival any opponent. Unfortunately, her abilities have left her trapped in a child's body. She proudly occupies second place in the hero rankings. The scope of her powers seems limitless, capable of leveling a city with a simple gesture or raining meteorites down on her enemies.

However, Tatsumaki is extremely touchy and hates being teased by Saitama and Genos, who nickname her "mioche". Her behavior can be that of a diva, and she decides as she pleases whether to intervene in a situation. This often creates tension within the Hero Association, who do their best to spare her.

Despite these traits, Tatsumaki has a protective side, especially towards his little sister Fubuki, who occupies first place in class B.


Image illustration of Genos
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Genos, known as the Cyborg Demon, is one of the most striking characters in the series' universe. His modern appearance contrasts with Saitama's old-fashioned look, but it's there that a fearsomely powerful cyborg lies hidden. After witnessing a demonstration of Saitama's superhuman strength, Genos is immediately aware of his incredible power. He insists on becoming Saitama's disciple and moves in with him to learn from his lifestyle, which includes reading manga and taking naps.

He's a serious, determined character, aspiring to become the strongest to save the Earth and avenge his family, decimated by a killer robot who also beat him.

Thanks to the efforts of Professor Kidob, he becomes a cyborg himself, constantly improving his equipment to prove himself worthy of his friend and sensei, Saitama. His skills soon propel him into the highest category of the Hero Association, class S.


Image illustration of Kamikaze
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Also known as Atomic Samurai, Kamikaze embodies the warrior spirit among One Punch Man's heroes. This ronin-like samurai is a virtuoso swordsman, wielding his katana with a mastery that rhymes with speed and technique. He's an exceptional fighter, able to slice through any substance, holding fourth place in the S class of heroes.

Embodying the quintessential steadfast warrior, Kamikaze exudes confidence in his own strength and disparages those he considers less powerful than himself. In fact, he is a master to many A-class swordsmen.

His determination and skills make him a major asset to the Heroes Association.


Image illustration of Bang
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Bang is nicknamed the Silver Fang. He's a quiet, thoughtful old man, running a remote dojo in the mountains. As a martial artist of genius, he holds third place in the ranking of heroes. His wisdom is a valuable asset in the S class, which is often made up of hotheads. He is one of the few One Punch Man characters to recognize Saitama's superhuman power, and respects him enormously.

In addition to his wisdom, Bang is extremely agile and possesses exterminating fighting techniques. If necessary, he can flaunt his impressive musculature despite his age, sometimes reminiscent of the style of Turtle Genius in Dragon Ball.

His role as mentor and his strength make Bang an exceptional character in the series.


Image illustration of Bad
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"Batte-Man" is the nickname of this character who embodies the true Japanese bad boy. Distinguished by his emblematic banana, he fights with a seemingly unbreakable metal bat, and has no qualms about insulting his enemies.

Although he's not ranked as high as the S-class heroes, Bad is still formidable, thanks to his fighting spirit, bringing a touch of originality to the One Punch Man universe.

He is also very proud of his little sister, who is a pianist.


Image illustration by King
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As his name suggests, King is an imposing man of great stature and is billed as the strongest man in the world of One Punch Man, occupying seventh place in the S class of heroes. His peers respect him enormously, but he hides a dark secret: he's actually an impostor.

This flattering reputation was attributed to him by chance, as he was often spotted at the scene of clashes between Saitama and monsters. As "One Punch Man" always remains humble and never claims credit for his victories, the Heroes Association concluded that it was King who had achieved these feats. Yet no one has ever seen him fight, as hapless criminals who cross his path quickly realize they're up against a legend and surrender on their own.

Despite this imposture, King can't bring himself to clear up the misunderstanding. All he wants to do is spend his time playing video games, which adds a humorous dimension to the anime. He has become close to Saitama, with whom he shares a placid character.

Roulette Rider

Roulette Rider image illustration
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As the hero of the C class, Roulette Rider stands out in the category of amateurs eager to do good. He's the best in his class, despite having no real powers. As you may have guessed, his eternal companion is his bike, which makes it a comic springboard for the series, especially when he's faced with serious threats.

Yet this character is characterized by his courage and self-sacrifice. He is recognized and appreciated by the public. His heroic speeches in the face of danger and his exemplary determination are worthy of the greatest heroes.

Unlike many others, Roulette Rider has witnessed Saitama's power many times and understands the extent of his powers.

Masked Beaugosse

Picture of Beaugosse masked
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He's number 1 in class A. Masked Beaugosse is an enigmatic character in One Punch Man. His exceptional appearance combined with his talents in everyday life manage to cause fainting fits wherever he goes.

Although his power would allow him to enter the upper class of heroes, he chooses to maintain his current position. His reason is clear: he is determined to prevent any impostors from climbing the rankings.

Beaugosse Masqué rarely fights, but he exudes a sense of danger that commands respect among his peers. His presence in Class A is a mystery that intrigues fans. One even wonders if he'll still be there, depending on what happens in the third season of One Punch Man. What's certain is that he remains an enigmatic character at the heart of this story.

The villains in One Punch Man

Discover the most fearsome antagonists in this series full of twists and turns :

Sonic the Thunderer

Image illustration of Sonic the Thunderer
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He's a ninja whose attacks are supersonically fast. His first confrontation with Saitama is the result of a misunderstanding, mistaking him for a group of shaved-head thugs. Nonetheless, his overconfidence soon led to his defeat by Saitama, triggering an obsession with revenge. He thus became a recurring enemy of Saitama. Despite this, Sonic is not intrinsically evil, but is mainly motivated by the shame of his initial defeat.

His relentlessness and new lightning techniques don't allow Sonic to defeat the bald hero, and this also adds a touch of humor and irony to their recurring interactions.


Picture illustration of Boros
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He is an extraterrestrial being who commands a formidable army and a gigantic warship. His arrival on Earth is marked by the destruction of an entire city, followed by the terror wrought by his troops.

As the most powerful heroes take on his subordinates, Saitama inadvertently enters Boros' ship, getting lost along the way, until he stumbles upon the alien leader himself. This face-to-face encounter triggers a surprisingly long battle, showcasing the demonic power of the invader. However, Boros is finally overcome by Saitama. This shows Saitama's ability to overcome super-powered opponents without too much effort.


Illustration by Garoh
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Garoh is a former student of Bang, but was expelled from the dojo after challenging his master's teachings. Since childhood, this character has always felt affection for monsters and their ideals, wondering why they are destined to lose all the time. He forged himself into a formidable fighter and decided to challenge all heroes, starting with those of class C.

He has a genius for martial arts and the ability to assimilate his opponents' techniques, earning him the nickname "The Hero Hunter". His aim is to overturn the established order by showing that monsters deserve to win battles too.

Garoh befriends a young boy who explains the powers of his favorite heroes, bringing a human dimension to his character in the One Punch Man universe.

Other villains and the Monster Association

In addition to the aforementioned villains, figures such as the Subterranean King, the King of the Depths and the King of the Heavens also attack the heroes, adding a dose of unpredictability to the story. Meanwhile, the Monster Association, led by the terrifying Master Orochi, poses a constant threat, recruiting powerful human beings to become fearsome soldiers. Their use of devious tactics, including the kidnapping of Hero Association children, fuels the intrigue and keeps Earth in perpetual danger.

These characters are really what cements the universal admiration for the series. Their eccentricity and depth are not only key plot elements, but they also inspire a whole range of One Punch Man merchandisingfrom accessories to clothing, proof of fans' enduring enthusiasm for this exciting heroic universe.

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