ARLONG PARK / Arc Arlong – Chapter 1/6

Your 1st mission is as follows: The Yoke of the Fish-Man


'Your ship, still frail, was deflected by sea currents and made you drift on an island in the Konomi archipelago. Your boat having crashed on the rocks of the beach on your arrival, you go to the nearest village to find a villager there who can help you repair it. But surprisingly, you only find a ruined and completely devastated city. A child remains in the middle of the road, alone, his eyes filled with tears. You rush to meet him, and he tells you how Arlong and his army of fishmen, claiming to be superior to humans, destroyed their village after the inhabitants ran out of Berry to pay their tribute. Furious, you ask the child where this Arlong is, who points to the entrance to a huge stone building topped with red tiles: Arlong Park. You grab the handles of the door and slam it open. An army of dumbfounded fishmen slowly turn their heads towards you. In the far background, you see a shark man, his eyes bloodshot. You guess it is Arlong. You have no choice, now you have to fight.'


'Furious, you ask the child where this Arlong is. With his fingertip, he points out the entrance to a huge stone building topped with red tiles. With a determined step, you take the path lined with tangerine trees leading to the den of the Fish-Men. Beware, some of them might still be lurking around.'

Goals :

  • To harvest 18,000 berries
  • Pick up 3 mandarins
  • win 200 enemies (8 waves)

To pick up the tangerines, do ^^action.


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