BARATIE / Arc Baratie – Chapter 7/7

Your 7th mission is: Dodge the bullets


'You hit the mark! If you manage to defeat Don Krieg, your debt will be cleared, and you can go back to sea! However, your ship having been stolen, you will have to find another boat. The young cook encourages you for this ultimate confrontation. You intend to have him join your crew when this is all over.'


Goals :

  • To harvest 16,000 berries
  • Recruit 1 To cook
  • Build your ship to level 3
  • win 180 enemies (5 waves)
  • [BOSS] Defeat Krieg the Perfidious


For Krig, fully increase Armament and conqueror!!! (especially armament) it's the first complicated boss if you're too rush the game you'll block here.


To build your boat do ^^boat build.

For the cook ^^boat crew recruit cook. (to have killed well Krieg the treacherous before recruiting him)

Congratulations you have finished the BARATIE bow!!!


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8 commentaires on "BARATIE / Arc Baratie - Chapter 7/7"

  1. I'm currently stuck in chapter 7 of baratie my gunslinger is level four I'm level 45 and my points are distributed like this: Observation Haki: 75/250
    Haki of armament: 90/250 Haki of kings: 90/250 to be able to win I must now distribute my points how?


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