BARATIE / Arc Baratie – Chapter 5/7

Your 5th mission is: The Greatest Swordsman


'Once his men were back on their feet, Don Krieg declared that if they refused to give him the boat, he would take it by force. But just as he was about to attack, his boat split in two. The cause ? The greatest swordsman in the world, Dracule Mihawk, had chased them from the Grand Line to pass the time. Excited to meet such a man you will challenge him, it will be a good opportunity to become stronger!'


 Goals :

  • To harvest 13,500  berries
  • To harvest 20 cola
  • Upgrade your weapon to level 2
  • Improve level weapon proficiency 2 at the level 4
  • win 80 enemies (3 waves)
  •  [CHALLENGER] Confront mihawk


For the weapon do: ^^train weapon then to improve your skills do: ^^train mastery

For combat CAUTION! it is written FACE, it is totally impossible to beat him!





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