DeepFake: Top 10 IA fakes nudes sites with free test

Top 10 DeepFake apps of 2023: find out how they work and which one to choose!

On the incredible AI scene, the controversial AI Nude Photo Generator (DeepFake) makes its appearance. This is, in fact, a AI-based computer program which aims to provide users with fake, realistic nude photos of people. To do this, the tool uses a process called the Generative Adversarial Network (gan). As a result, these fakes nudes are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. But which are the best IA fakes nudes sites with free trials? Of course, the advantage of this trial is that you'll get to know these tools better before moving on to the paid packages, provided of course that you like the services.

Join us as we explore the top 10 AI fakes nudes sites that offer a free trial in 2023. You'll also discover the advantages and disadvantages of each tool.

Test one of the best IA fakes nudes sites of the moment:

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Representative image of the interface
Official website screen


TOP 1: NudifyOnline

Want to see your favorite celebrities without their clothes? Then NudifyOnline is exactly what you need! This tool lets you easily create deepnudes and is also one of the best tools in the business. It is distinguished by the possibility of undress easily characters in photos and videos. What's more, it also adapts to all your fantasies!


  • He proposes a free 3-day trial to familiarize yourself with the tool and give you a taste of all you can achieve with a subscription;
  • The quick results ;
  • You can easily download created content on your device ;

Weak points

The website tells you that you cannot use photos of certain people without their consent. Users are therefore fully responsible for your choices and the consequences of your actions...

Ready for a free trial of

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TOP 2 : Soulgen

Free fake nude photo generator, SoulGen is on the list of the best AI fake nude generators. With its advanced technology, SoulGen creates realistic NSFW photos of characterswhether they are real or mythical. The tool also features an extensive reference for NSFW content, from which you can choose and select the content you want. can generate up to 9 images from a single element. With a user-friendly interface, create free faux nudes with SoulGen.


  • Creation of good quality NSFW images, captivating and realistic ;
  • The interface is easy to understand and allows users to be creative and unleash their inner artist to create NSFW works of art;
  • Based on your order in text form, you will receive a result in a matter of seconds only ;
  • He also creates best quality hentai images.

Weak points

  • The SoulGen AI art generator is used onlineno application version available;
  • The images produced can be offensive for certain audiences, as they are not suitable for everyone;
  • The content created is sometimes quite unrealistic, which can make customers doubt your brand;
  • Because AI relies on data to create content, there are a risk of plagiarism ;
  • Sometimes, the images produced can not of high quality and be blurred.

Try Soulgen AI for free :

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Representative image of the Soulgen interface
Official website screen

TOP 3 : Candy.AI

Candy.AI is a sex chatbox a revolutionary create super-realistic virtual characters. You will find in this site, AI NSFW characters customizable who's ready to talk and chat for any type of fantasy.'s companions are trained from a huge database of text and code, enabling them to produce responses that are both informative and engaging. They are even capable of adapt to your preferences and interests to personalize their responses.


  • Features customizable AI characters ;
  • Generate realistic, animated characters;
  • In-depth NSFW conversation;
  • Sincere companionship and emotional support;
  • Discussion via voice messages ;
  • Role-playing scenarios ;
  • Premium subscription option of 10 $ only to benefit from additional features.

Weak point

The free version is limited and restricts the number of messages exchanged. A monthly subscription is required to take advantage of all the site's features..

😈I'm testing Candy for free.Ai😈

TOP 4: Seduced AI NSFW

For easily create deepfake works, including nude fakes. Seduced AI NSFW Image Generator is one of the best tools you should try. This tool allows users to create NSFW images, which can be used for a variety of purposes. Seduced Ai is a dedicated NSFW AI art generator. to create NSFW content. Attractive AI creates realistic deepfakes and good quality for users.


  • Images high-resolution The tool allows you to create realistic, high-quality NSFW images;
  • Easy to use Seduced AI NSFW Image Generator provides users with a simple interface for creating NSFW images with ease;
  • A way to customize You can adjust the results as you wish;
  • Fast processing Like other AI art generators, Sedued AI is designed to generate images quickly;
  • Get inspired by different themes for adults on the site to create NSFW content;

Weak points

  • Ethical and legal considerations As with any other NSFW artistic creation tool, the legal and ethical implications of using this tool must be taken into account;
  • There is no application version, which means you have to generate images online ;
  • Although you get some pretty spectacular and realistic renderings, it can lead to a high level of dependence AI in the creation of artistic works;

TOP 5: Undress AI

Create deepfakes and fakes nudes from ordinary photos with Undress AI as easily and quickly as you like. Powered by AI, this tool can undress any character with a single click. Bear in mind, however, that some renderings may be offensive and obscene for certain audiences.


  • Charming and of good quality, Undress AI can create surreal faux nude photos ;
  • Easy-to-understand interfacewhich allows users to easily create NSFW illustrations;
  • It exists a version of the application which you can download. All you have to do is upload a photo of a clothed person, then apply filters to obtain seductive nude photos of that person;
  • You can create up to 9 images from a single element;

Weak points

  • The free version is rather limited and only allows 10 attempts to create fakes nudes;
  • He is illegal to use certain images without the person's consenteach user must therefore be aware of ethical and legal issues related to the use of the application ;

TOP 6 : Promptchan AI

A deepfake generator using artificial intelligence, is also one of the best tools for any NSFW content. The concept behind is very simple: you give it text instructions and it will give you realistic NSFW images. You can also easily undress characters and create limitless deepfake works.


  • Free and uncensored Create free nude fakes to your heart's content with this tool;
  • Get inspired by numerous site animation options to create your own captivating and realistic NSFW images ;
  • Easy to use Everyone can use it, because has made AI content creation suitable for everyone;
  • The images created are of good quality and can be used for many purposes.

Weak points

  • As the tool specializes in NSFW content, it may be that content is not suitable for all audiences;
  • Some AI applications can present a lamentable level of safetyresulting in data leaks or disclosure of confidential information of an entity ;
  • Implementation doesn't always meet your expectations As AI relies heavily on algorithms to create images, it can sometimes give you a different look from the one you expected;

test some of's features for free:

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Illustrative image of the interface
Official website screen

TOP 7: DeepNudeNow

A platform famous for create nude images from clothed images. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the results are fascinating and for the most part realistic with DeepnudeNow. What's more, this tool offers affordable ratesThe software is tailored to the user's needs, of course, but also offers a free trial.


  • Easy to use, anyone can use it;
  • User-friendly interfaceeasy to understand;
  • Free trial version ;
  • Several options subscription ;
  • Of the high-quality results.

Weak point

  • Payments in crypto-currency are the only method payment accepted.

TOP 8:

UndressVip works via Telegram, so you'll need an account to take advantage of and test the undressing features.


  • You can get free chips in inviting friends ;
  • Can be used over the phone.

Weak point

It will be necessary have a Telegram account necessarily.

TOP 9: Onlyfakes

Onlyfakes is a application known for creating NSFW images. The tool is known for create both humorous content and surreal fake nudes. It uses advanced technology to entertain you with high-quality NSFW images. To achieve this, the users provide a text prompt or a description, and an AI algorithm creates an image based on your query. You can then save image that you have created on your device.


  • A free website that lets you create fake nude photos using AI. You don't no need to register or subscribe ;
  • Create as many deepfakes as you wish with Onlyfakes ;
  • You can download generated image or register it ;

Weak point

Onlyfakes is one of those tools that reinforces stereotypes about bad behaviorincluding prostitution and misogyny, and also normalizes pornography as entertainment.

TOP 10: Live3D

Last but not least, Live3D is a hentai creator for those who want to create as much deepfakeas well as nude photos as possible, of the naked anime characters or others. Equipped with made attractiveThis AI-powered engine can produce high-resolution images, even up to 4K. It's one of the best tools for creating anime, not least because of its many years of experience.

Illustrative image of the Live 3D interface
Official website screen


  • Just one click away, you can remove garments from images realistically, or create convincing deepfakes as well;
  • Offers a free trial ;
  • the made a good resolution ;


  • Previously specialized in other fields, some people may have prejudices about these skills.

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And there you have it: the best tools for you to create deepfake for freeincluding nude fakes. All have their own strengths, and like all deepfake creation tools, there are risks and rewards that need to be taken into account when using these tools.

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