DeepSwap: The best application for creating Faceswaps

FaceWaps can be translated as face exchange. DeepSwap is an application for exchanging images to create high-quality photos or videos. In this article, we'll find out a little more about this application.

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Illustration of the DeepSwap interface
DeepSwap interface screenshot

DeepSwap, an application for face swapping

This application has been designed to create any faceswap or online face exchange. It requires no installation, no advertising and no watermarks. The tool allows you to :

  • Create videos
  • Edit photos
  • And create GIFs

It's quick and easy. The application's interface is user-friendly and, above all, secure for your data.


The tool offers 3 main functions to facilitate the creation of a faceswap:

Creating movie role-playing videos

This application provides the most advanced AI faceswap technology. Video and character creation is unlimited. So create high-quality videos with the faces of these movie characters for realistic results.

Photo editing in seconds

If you want to edit a faceswap photo easily, this application is perfect for you. This face swapping application lets you edit new faceswap ID photos, wedding photos, travel photos and more. The quality provided by artificial intelligence is so remarkable that people won't even notice it's a fake.

Creating funny content

GIFS are the kind of content that make you stand out on social networks and especially in content marketing. Thanks to DeepSwap, it's no longer difficult to create a funny and unique faceswap GIF.

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Tools similar to DeepSwap

There are other tools that offer the same functionality as DeepSwap, including :


Image illustration of SoulGen's interface
Screenshot of SoulGen interface

A tool for creating realistic or animated images. In addition to generating images, DeepSwap also offers other functions:

  • NSFW image generation or the generation of a virtual girlfriend using AI to create her soulmate from the descriptions entered
  • Customization options to create unique images
  • Fast image generation
  • A user-friendly interface

Promptchan AI

Image illustration of the Promptchan ai interface
Screenshot of Promptchan ai interface

A free tool that lets you create realistic, artistic images and art. The images are uncensored, but depend on the text prompts entered. What's more, the tool uses a deep neural network model to generate images based on descriptions. You can also apply various styles and filters to embellish it. The features are numerous:

  • Perfect confidentiality
  • Uncensored AI images
  • Content for adults
  • Mobile generation
  • Rapid image generation


Image illustration of the Wombo ai interface
Screenshot of Wombo ai "s interface

Wombo is also an application that lets you easily create funny videos. Simply take the photo, then select a song to turn the photo into a fun singing video. The tool has a built-in library of songs that you can use to make your videos that sing the song of your choice. The aim of the app is to provide a more realistic and fun result to share with your friends. The platform is powered by AI and is available for Android and IOS devices.


Image illustration of the Faceswap interface
Screenshot of the Faceswap interface

FaceSwap is a free, open-source application, meaning it can run on Windows, macOS and Linux. It creates amazing Deepfakes. It can swap people's faces for amazing results. It has proper documentation. And if you choose it, you get online support. Although the application is free, the results are of the highest quality.

Of all these platforms, DeepSwap remains the best on the market. If you want to create deepnudes, discover, the app that lets you undress a photo.

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