What is the Vidnoz AI platform? My full review of this AI tool

To remember:

  • Vidnoz AI is an innovative online platform that makes it easy to create videos using AI, with customizable avatars and AI voice features.
  • It offers significant advantages such as time savings, reduced cost, ease of use, and versatility in the types of video produced.
  • Despite its strengths, Vidnoz AI has limitations in its free version, but offers various price plans for access to additional features.

Nowadays, generating text or images with the help of artificial intelligence is practically within everyone's reach. There are even AI baby generators for parents-to-be who can't wait to see what their future child will look like.

Thanks to VidnozWith this AI-powered platform, you can now easily generate videos. In this article, find out what I think of this tool, which aims to revolutionize the video creation using the power of artificial intelligence.

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What you need to know about the Vidnoz AI platform

It was in 2016 that Vidnoz was founded with the mission of updating the way videos are traditionally created. It then came up with its flagship product, Vidnoz Flex (talking AI avatar generator), between 2017 and 2022. By 2023, generative AI had become a global phenomenon. The company, which is now building on its experience while developing its technologies in parallel, has been able to innovate while keeping up with the trend.

This is how Vidnoz AI is born! A revolutionary new approach to video creation, thanks to advances in AI technology. It's an online platform that uses artificial intelligence to easily generate videos from text. You can use a avatar from the site's library (over 400 templates) or upload your own photo to create a personalized video.

Its features

Vidnoz AI offers several features, the most important of which are listed below, if you wish to use video generation from the platform:

  • Realistic avatar You can choose from over 400 realistic AI avatars based on age (young, middle-aged or old), gender (male or female) and outfit (random, formal or festival).
  • Video model Video templates: choose from over 400 video templates to suit your needs. It could be a video template for a tutorial, for live news coverage, for education, and so on.
  • AI voices AI voice: with this feature, you can generate a perfect AI voice in several languages from a text or voice. You can adjust the emotion as well as the speed of the AI voice. You can even clone your own voice with Vidnoz's AI voice generator.
  • Custom avatar AI this Vidnoz IA functionality allows you to create personalized avatars from your portraits. They can then be synchronized with the lips of your portraits.

Its advantages and disadvantages

Creating a video in the traditional way often requires the use of considerable resources, both material and human, as well as technical and technological. Not to mention a substantial budget, as in the case of a commercial.

With Vidnoz AI you can now benefit from a number of considerable advantages when generating videos:

  • Significant time savings You can create videos in just a few minutes, without the need for filming or editing.
  • Appreciably low cost Vidnoz IA: although it's perfectly possible to create free videos in 1 minute with Vidnoz IA, this platform with its paid options is an affordable solution for creating professional videos.
  • Disconcertingly easy to use The interface on the platform is simple and intuitive, even for beginners, and requires no prior technical knowledge.
  • Remarkable versatility You can use Vidnoz IA to create a wide variety of videos, such as presentations, tutorials, explainer videos and so on.

To illustrate the main advantages and disadvantages of this AI tool, here is a small table comparing this innovative solution with traditional video creation:

Advantages Disadvantages
Vidnoz AI - Time saving
- Low cost (no camera or other special equipment required)
- Easy to use
- Versatility
- Generated video can be updated
- Watermark for the free version
- Limited functionality for the free version
- The quality of the video generated varies according to the complexity of the text and the avatar chosen.
Traditional video - Better control of quality (choice of lighting, shooting location, addition of special effects, etc.).
- Greater authenticity (easily identifiable human touch)
- Requires considerable preparation time before and after shooting
- High cost (materials, sets, costumes, actors' salaries, etc.)
- Each step of the video creation process is difficult, requiring specific know-how
- The final result can no longer be modified

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How do I use Vidnoz AI?

As mentioned above, one of the main advantages of this AI tool is its ease of use. If you want to use Vidnoz AI for free video generation with text only, just follow these relatively simple steps:

Step 1 : First, go to the official Vidnoz AI website by clicking on the button below:

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Illustration image for the article "What is the Vidnoz AI platform? My full review of this AI tool"
Screenshot of the Vidnoz AI home page, step 1 of the tutorial. Source : Alucare.fr


2nd step : On the home page, locate the "Create free videos now" or "Create free IA videos" buttons and click on them. You can also click directly on "Login".

Illustration image for the article "What is the Vidnoz AI platform? My full review of this AI tool"
Screenshot of Vidnoz AI registration window, step 2 of the tutorial. Source : Alucare.fr

Whatever buttons you choose to click, a pop-up window will open. It will then prompt you to log in if you already have an account, or to register if you don't. You can choose to connect via a Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Outlook account. Alternatively, you can simply register using your e-mail address.

Step 3: After successfully completing your registration on Vidnoz AIyou'll be taken directly to your free account, where another pop-up window will open.

Illustration image for the article "What is the Vidnoz AI platform? My full review of this AI tool"
Screenshot free Vidnoz AI account choosing video types, step 3 of the tutorial. Source : Alucare.fr

It shows you the types of videos (Tutorials and How-To's, Explanations, News, Social Networks, Festival, Corporate, etc.) you can use as a model for generate your first free video. Sharing your preference will allow the platform to offer you the best possible experience on the site.

Step 4: Once you've made your choice of video types, another pop-up window will automatically appear.

Illustration image for the article "What is the Vidnoz AI platform? My full review of this AI tool"
Screenshot Vidnoz AI dashboard presentation guide popup, tutorial step 4. Source : Alucare.fr

It will help you get to grips with the AI video creation from your account, guiding you through the key points of your dashboard. You can of course take advantage of this to understand and better master the tool right from the start, but you also have the option of bypassing this short guide. To do so, either click on "Skip" to exit the window, or click on "Next(1/4)" to continue with the other three presentations of your dashboard.

Step 5 (optional) : If you've been following the dashboard presentation guide, the last part will show you how to create a fully customized video. To do so, simply click on the "Create a video" button, where you can then proceed to creating a video from scratch. There will be no templates or avatars, but you should think about personalizing everything.

Illustration image for the article "What is the Vidnoz AI platform? My full review of this AI tool"
Screenshot creating a fully customized video with Vidnoz AI, optional step 5 of the tutorial. Source : Alucare.fr


What are Vidnoz AI's price plans?

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Screenshot of Vidnoz AI annual price plans. Source : Alucare.fr

One of the main features of Vidnoz AI is that you can try out this free online AI tool. However, you need to log in to the platform before you can test it. If you opt for a free map of Vidnoz AIyou'll only be entitled to limited functionality. That's why you can only generate one 1-minute video per day. Nevertheless, you'll be able to choose from over 400 AI avatars and more than 400 video modelsbut for only 170 votes.

What's more, the free version will only allow you to use 20 AI scripts per day, with a maximum of 2,000 characters per scene. You should also be aware that this free plan allows you to use your videos for commercial purposes. On the other hand, videos generated free of charge are watermarked, and their resolutions will be 720p quality when exported.

So, if you want to take advantage of more features, you need to switch to one of the price plans offered by the platform. You can choose a Vidnoz AI subscription plan whose rates are as follows:

  • the Basic plan : from €19.99/month for a monthly payment and from €9.99/month for an annual subscription (50 % discount).
  • Business plan : from €74.99/month for a monthly payment and from €37.49/month for an annual subscription (50 % discount).
  • the Enterprise Plan : For this plan, you need to book a demo to find out the price of the customized plans offered by Vidnoz.

Depending on the price plan you choose, here are the main features you will benefit from compared to the free price plan:

Free map Plan basic Business plan
1 minute of video per day
  • 10 minutes of videos/month in total
  • Maximum 5 minutes per video
  • 30 minutes of video per month
  • Maximum 20 minutes per video
Video with watermark No watermark No watermark
Video generation queue Priority video generation Priority video generation
170+ AI voices available
  • 470+ votes
  • Voices with emotion
  • 470+ votes
  • Voices with emotion
Video export in 720p Video export in 1080p 1080p video export
20 AI scripts per day Unlimited AI script generation Unlimited AI script generation
Maximum 2000 characters per scene Maximum 5000 characters per scene Maximum 5000 characters per scene

What alternative applications are there to Vidnoz AI?

Vidnoz AI is a powerful tool powered by artificial intelligence, capable of generating a video from text. With hundreds of video templates, AI avatars and AI voices to choose from, it's now relatively easy to create a video for free via this platform. But to take advantage of even more interesting features, you'll need to sign up for one of Vidnoz AI's subscription offers.

There are also other alternative applications to this AI tool, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Synthesia AI: is among the best alternative candidates to Vidnoz AI for generating realistic videos with high-quality avatars and voices. However, its pricing plans are higher and its interface is relatively more complex to learn.
  • D-ID : this other AI solution also offers several AI-based features, including text-to-video generation. It is a serious alternative to Vidnoz Ai. However, its trial version only offers a 14-day trial with several limited functionalities.
  • Rephrase.ai : The simplicity of use of this other AI tool capable of generating videos from text may also prove to be its main drawback. What's more, its relatively limited range of functions compared with Vidnoz, Synthesia or D-ID means that it can only produce a few types of video (podcasts, audiobooks).

For more views on YouTube or on other social networks, or simply to communicate attractively at a meeting, we need a quality video. With Vidnoz, you can generate videos in just a few clicks. Are you ready to give this platform a try?

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