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🔑 Promo code ALUCARE10
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👤 Creator Michael Rumiantsau

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💲Price 90 $ to 490$
😱Promotion code ALUCARE10 
👉Trial offer 7-day free trial

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We were able to obtain the code ALUCARE10 to give you the benefit of reduction -10%. The aim is to help you save money so that you can try out the excellent tool created by Michael Rumiantsau.

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If you use a promotional code on the website, you will be able to benefit from a discount on your purchase. reduction to save money every month. Get 10% off your annual subscription and benefit from more than one month free.

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Narrative BI is a data analysis platform that uses artificial intelligence to transform a company's complex data into actionable insights. actionable information presented in easy-to-understand narrative form. The aim is to make data analysis as easy as possible. accessible users without in-depth technical skills in data science or data analysis. This analytics platform also boasts a number of unique features, including :

  • An approach focused onautomation and thedata interpretation.
  • Instead of asking users to create their own visualizations or dashboards, Narrative Bi creates insights in narrative form.
  • As a result, the conclusions drawn from the data become more accurate. available and understandable for decision-makers and non-technical teams.

Companies? Do you want to make data-driven decisions without investing heavily in data science resources? Then Narrative Bi is just for you! This tool can also be useful for companies looking to complement their existing analysis tools with automatically generated insights. And don't forget, with the promotional code ALUCARE10With Narrative Bi, you'll be able to make significant savings while enjoying the best of Narrative Bi's features.

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