Does Tinder pay?

Existing for more than 10 years now, Tinder is trying to renovate its features to benefit users. What keeps people from going on dating platforms such as Tinder for example, is the questions around payments. Is Tinder free or paid? Let's discover together the answers to your questions in this guide.

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Is Tinder a free app?

This question is asked a lot by users, is Tinder paying? Indeed, Tinder is free. Registrations, as well as uses are free, you will not pay anything. As for basic usage, you'll find profiles and matches, as well as post-match chats. On the other hand, for the free version, there are some limitations and restrictions. This generally concerns the number of daily Swipes. In other words, the free version of Tinder does not offer more advanced functionality than the paid version.

How to use the basic version of Tinder?

First, to have the basic version of Tinder, you must download the application on your smartphone or create an account through an online registration. When your profile is created, start swiping left and right to see if a profile matches you. For information, this registration is free, it is the same for downloading the application. In fact, this method is the most classic to start using Tinder from home.

What are the features offered by the paid version?

Although the free version is good enough for dating on Tinder, there are some features that are unlocked by Tinder Plus. Here are the different possibilities offered by Tinder Plus:

  • The modification of the last like;
  • Like as many profiles as possible;
  • Disabling advertisements;
  • The ability to swipe without interruption;
  • The visibility of your profile;
  • Facilitation of searches by promoting the most suitable profiles;
  • 1 Boost offered per week.

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