DreamGF.ai review: Create your virtual girlfriend

DreamGF.ai: All the information on the new IA website

Image illustration for our article "DremGF.ai create your virtual girlfriend".
Image illustration for my article "DremGF.ai create your virtual girlfriend", which gives you all the information on the site. Source : Alucare.fr

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DreamGF lets you explore, create and engage in conversations with your ideal virtual partners. Connect with AI-generated personalities and experience bespoke content that will always exceed your expectations! When you create your virtual girlfriend, you can choose from a variety of attributes ranging from clothing and features to facial features and tattoos. As well as chatting and exchanging details, you can produce images with a variety of clothing choices, or even with no clothes at all.

Image illustration by dreamGF
Capture: Alucare.fr

DreamGF features

On the DreamGF platform, you'll find several features. The service offers 7 options:

  1. Chat with virtual girls
  2. In the "Like/Dislike" section, you can rate virtual girls, then chat with them.
  3. My girls" section. Here you'll find the girls you've generated.
  4. My desires " My Festish ". Here you can generate photos according to your fantasies
  5. Your rewards
  6. Your profile
  7. The AI fictional characters section. Here you'll find characters from movies and TV series, to interact with.

Here are some more details on these features:

  • the AI sexting robots specially designed to offer users a secure, tailor-made sexting experience. Users can realize their wildest fantasies through these robots, or discover a new sexual experience without being judged or excluded.
  • the AI sex chat Sex chat: to establish interactive and responsive exchanges with virtual sexual partners. Thanks to sex chat, users can discuss various topics and share experiences to get to know their virtual friends better.
  • Users have the option of requesting photos from their interlocutors, just as in all other sexual discussions, for a more realistic and captivating experience.
    DreamGF also enables users to send voice messages to their partners for an even more realistic experience.

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Create your own virtual girlfriend

Screenshot of virtual girlfriend generation on DreamGF
Screenshot of virtual girlfriend generation on DreamGF. Source : Alucare.fr

Thanks to the DreamGF platform, you can create your own virtual girlfriend in just a few steps:

Step 1

  1. the photo style Default, Realistic, Amateur or Fantasy
  2. Ethnic origin
  3. Age
  4. Body type
  5. Face style
  6. Hair color
  7. Hair style
  8. Breast
  9. Buttocks
  10. Clothing
  11. Photo style
  12. Tattoos
  13. Environment

2nd step

As in step 1, you have the opportunity to make choices. After choosing the appearance in step one, we'll choose the character in step 2. There are several possibilities for this:

  1. Give a name to your virtual girlfriend
  2. Choosing your character
  3. Choose your interests
Step 2 to generate your girlfriend on DreamGF
Step 2 to generate your girlfriend on DreamGF

Step 3

Step three is the final result of creating your virtual girlfriend. In fact, you'll find this type of result :

Once the result is displayed, you can chat with him and ask for photos according to its 4 choices:

  1. Nude
  2. cosplay
  3. Clothing
  4. Lingerie and swimwear

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Advantages and disadvantages

DreamGF benefits

Like everything else, it has its strengths as well as its limitations:

  • DreamGF AI offers realistic conversations give the impression that you're sending an SMS to a real person rather than a robot
  • Add a touch of fun and imagination with the inclusion of fantasy characters
  • In-depth customization allows you to design the partner of your dreams down to the smallest detail.

❌ DreamGF disadvantages

  • If you want a relationship with genuine human interactionthis application is not for you.

DreamGF platform prices and subscriptions

The DreamGF platform offers different subscription packages. These range from the bronze package with a few interesting benefits to the diamond package, which includes all the advantages you can get on this service. Here's a closer look at DreamGF's subscriptions:

Screenshot of DREAMGF subscription prices
Screenshot of DREAMGF subscription prices. Source : Alucare.fr
Plan Price Features
🥉Bronze from 7.99 to 9.99$
  • 20 Customizing girls
  • 150 Extra images
  • 1500 messages
  • 600 credits
  • Image generator
  • 2 images maximum in queue
🥈Argent From 15.99$ to 19.99$/month
  • 60 Customizing girls
  • 400 Extra images
  • 5000 messages
  • 1800 credits
  • Image generator
  • 3 images maximum in queue
  • Customizing the girls' names
🥇Or From 39.99$ to 49.99$/month
  • 180 Customizing girls
  • 1000 Extra images
  • 20,000 messages
  • 5000 credits
  • Image generator
  • 5 images maximum in queue
  • Customizing the girls' names
  • Private content
🎖️Diamant From 79.99$ to 99.99 $/month
  • 600 Girls customization
  • 2500 Extra images
  • Unlimited messages
  • 12,000 credits
  • Image generator
  • 10 images maximum in queue
  • Customizing the girls' names
  • Private content

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Image illustration of the Dreamgf.ai web application
Capture of the DreamGF.ai interface. Source : Alucare.fr

Find the price for DreamGF.Ai.

DreamGF alternative:

You can discover candy.ai which is a very good alternative:

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