Monopoly GO April 2024 Event: Anniversary Treasures

The Monopoly GO "Fountain Partners" event ends on April 11, but you're probably wondering what event is coming next. The next event is the Treasures event, and it's called Birthday Treasures!

Monopoly GO chose this name (Anniversary Treasures) because the game was released on April 11, 2024, and so they're preparing an event to thank you!

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When does the "Birthday Treasures" treasure event take place?

The Birthday Treasures event kicks off on April 16, 2024 but we don't have any precise times yet! It's a self-guided event that's fairly quick to complete if you play it right and don't rush.

Illustration for the Anniversary Treasures event on Monopoly GO on April 16, 2024

The last special event ended on April 11, 2024, so Monopoly GO doesn't leave you many days to rest... From April 16, 2024, you'll have to play the treasure event. Especially as the rewards are so attractive!

What are the Anniversary Treasures rewards?

There are lots of rewards to be won during this event, and... they're really interesting gifts that will get you moving fast on Monopoly GO. Never overlook this type of event, as it's one of the most rewarding.

Here's the reward chart for the Anniversary Treasures event on Monopoly GO:

Level Awards
1 x50 dice
2 Silver
3 x100 dice
4 1 pack of orange cards (2 stars) + Silver + x200 dice
5 Silver
6 x200 dice
7 Silver
8 x300 dice
9 Silver + x5 picks + x400 dice
10 1 pack of pink cards (3 stars)
11 x250 dice
12 The shield (see image below)
13 x350 dice
14 1 pack of blue cards (4 stars)
15 x400 dice
16 The pawn (see image below)
17 x15 picks
18 x500 dice
19 Silver
20 Silver + x2500 dice + 1 Wild Sticker


Here's what the pawn and shield look like and what you can win during the event:

Pawn and Shield to be won for the Illustration for the Anniversary Treasures event on Monopoly GO

In short, these are great rewards because it's a very quick event to do! You can also win a Wild Sticker, making it easy to complete your album. The "Birthday Treasures" event's final reward is the Tiara" pawn, the shield, 2500 dice as well as the Wild Sticker.

What are the treasure events on Monopoly GO?

This isn't the first time Monopoly GO has offered a treasure event on Monopoly GO. Indeed, several have already been offered in recent months. To play this one, you simply need to collect picks in a variety of ways:

  • By taking the free gift in the game store every 8 hours;
  • By performing the daily quick wins (it takes a few minutes to do);
  • By participating in events and tournaments several times a week.

Once you've collected picks, you simply break bricks to uncover various hidden objects. The objects can be small (only 1 pickaxe to use to find the object, but they are therefore more complicated to find) but also very large (easier to find but require many more picks). This may still seem a bit confusing, but once you start the event, it's very easy to play and you'll soon get the hang of it.

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