Fontaine Partner Event: Information, Awards, Dates

Partner events are what most Monopoly GO players look forward to. During this event, you can play with your friends and raise together to win great rewards!

Fontaine's Partners event arrives on April 06, 2024 !

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When does the Partners de Fontaine event take place?

A few days ago, we published an article about this event with some information, but we still didn't have the exact date... Except that now we do! The Fontaine Partners event will kick off on April 06, 2024 at 2 p.m. ! And yes, it arrives two days after the Treasures event, so that leaves you with very little time to rest...

Monopoly GO Fountain Partner Event, April 2024

A word of advice: prepare your partners in advance. Make sure you know in advance with whom you want to participate. I'll tell you more about the partner event below 😉

What are the rewards of the Partners de Fontaine event?

Partner events are a great way to get great rewards. Personally, I find it a great way to get good boosts like the High Roller or Sticker Boom for several hours on Monopoly GO.

With each friend, you will win (so you will win these rewards 4 times):

  • After reaching 2,500 points : 200 dice
  • After reaching 8,500 points : Silver
  • After reaching 21,500 points : A pink chest containingsilver, 200-300 dice and a Silver Boost
  • After 48,000 points : A gold chest containing 1 pack of 3-star pink cards, 300-500 dice and a High Roller boost
  • After reaching 80,000 points : A green box containing 1 pack of blue 4-star cards, 400-600 dice, cash and a Boom Sticker boost

And once all the rewards have been achieved with your 4 friends, you will win a pawn named "Clam Shell Mr. M", 5,000 dice and a pack of purple 5-star cards ! (you earn this reward only once)

Here's what the "Clam Shell Mr. M" counter looks like:

Pawn Mr. Shell Monopoly GO Event Fountain Partners

Maybe you don't understand it all, but I'll explain the partner event for those just starting out just below.

What is the partner event? How can you take part?

If you've never played the partner event on Monopoly GO, you're probably wondering what it's all about. It's a great concept, since the aim is to build buildings with your friends! In fact, during this event, you can play with your friends and move forward together. You can play with 4 different friends (hence the fact that you'll earn 4 times the rewards, as mentioned above). You play a construction with 1 friend each time.

With each of your friends, you must build a building together (so you have 4 buildings to build in total) for a total of 80,000 points per friend. To play, all you have to do is spin a wheel that will give you more or less points depending on your multiplier and what you land on.

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