Giveaway for the Monopoly Go game!

We're delighted to launch a giveaway where you can win up to €100 in the form of an Amazon, Playstore or AppleStore gift card.

Click on the button below to participate and read below to find out what to do :

Earn 200€ with!

Here's how it works:

  • Log in and take as many actions as possible. Each action earns you points, and each point equals €1 in the draw! When the draw is made, the winner will receive his or her number of points in €.

Here are the missions explained:

  • Join our Discord servers 20 points (€20), Easy, 1 minute.
  • Follow our Twitch channel 5 points (5€), Easy, 1 minute.
  • Follow our Instagram account 5 points (5€), Easy, 1 minute.
  • Newsletter code : 10 points (10€), Easy/Medium, 3 minutes (Subscribe with your email via the pop-ups on the site (Can't see the POP-ups?) open a Monopoly Go page in private browsing, subscribe, accept the email (check for spam) and read the next emails).
  • Follow our Twitter account 5 points (5€), Easy, 1 minute.
  • Follow our YouTube account 5 points (5€), Easy, 1 minute.
  • Follow us on Google News (click on the heart): 5 points (€5), Easy, 1 minute.
  • Follow and like our Facebook group 5 points (5€), Easy, 1 minute.
  • Give your opinion on 10 points (€10), Easy, 3 minutes.
  • Bookmark Amazon with our link 5 points (5€), Easy, 1 minute.
  • Join our Monopoly Go Telegram for link notifications 5 points (5€), Easy, 1 minute.
  • Ordering on Holy Energy (bonus points): 15 points (€15), Difficult, 5 minutes.
  • Use your Twitch Prime to support us 15 points (€15), Medium, 1 minute.
  • Follow us on LinkedIn 5 points (5€), Easy, 1 minute.

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