Hogwarts Legacy: how to do the Communicating Vessels quest?

The quest titled Connecting Vessels is one of the many side quests offered in the game Hogwarts Legacy. It is accessible after completing the Tomes and Tribulations side quest during the third act of the main story. You must be at least level 10 to trigger it by talking to a woman named Althea Twiddle, who is in Irondale, a small village in the Feldcroft region, west of the world map. She will tell you about a mysterious statue southwest of Irondale and ask for your help in understanding why the statue is there and what exactly it does.

We will see in detail how to complete this side quest.

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Hogwarts Legacy Connecting Vessels

Progress of the side quest: Connecting Vessels in Hogwarts Legacy

After following the quest marker for a few hundred yards, you'll come to the statue Althea mentioned to find that it's surrounded by 20 porcelain vases. To activate the statue, you need to use basic spells to destroy all these vases, which you must find by standing in the center of the ruins near the statue and inspecting all the interior walls, then taking a quick tour of the perimeter to break the last vases.

Once all 20 vases have been destroyed (you can see how many are left on the counter at the top right of the screen), the statue will animate and you can interact with it in order to enter one of the three combat arenas. It will be possible for you from then on to return to Althea to complete the quest and claim your reward.

For this, you can quickly get there through the floo flame on the outskirts of Irondale. When you return, Althea will express her joy at finally uncovering the statue's secrets, and you'll earn 180 XP and the beige column wand sleeve as a reward for your efforts.

The Feldcroft area battle arena in Hogwarts Legacy

If you're not in a rush, you can take some time to test your combat skills by completing the battle arena challenge. You will face seven waves of enemies, including several types of trolls and many other powerful enemies. Each wave is a bit harder than the last, and you'll receive a cosmetic outfit if you manage to defeat them all. However, if you die before completing the last wave, all XP earned during the challenge will be lost.

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