Hogwarts Legacy: how to do the quest The unique unicorn?

Magical beasts have an important place in the world of Hogwarts Legacy, so it's no wonder to see quests that are dedicated to these creatures.

After completing the quest called the Elf, the Catching Sack, and the Loom, you will have the opportunity to save various magical creatures in Hogwarts Legacy. The side quest: The Unique Unicorn in particular involves rescuing an injured unicorn. It is started by Betty Bugbrooke, an old lady in Hogsmeade who worries about the condition of her unicorn, Hazel, who was badly injured during an encounter with a pack of wolves. But still, poachers collect rare beasts and abuse poor creatures to sell rare materials. Thus, by accepting the quest, you will be tricked into rescuing Hazel and offering her a home in the Vivarium.

We will see in detail the steps of the quest.

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Hogwarts Legacy Quest The One Unicorn

How is the side quest: the unique unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy?

To trigger this quest, you must complete the Niamh Fitzgerald Trial main quest. Then you'll find Betty Bugbrooke in Hogsmeade Square. The old woman stands on the street and calls someone for help. When you interact with her, Betty tells you that Hazel has been injured and is running free somewhere in the Forbidden Forest.

To complete The Unique Unicorn quest, you need to approach where Hazel is and capture her using the capture bag. After Betty vaguely describes where the unicorn was last seen, it is possible to use any mount available in the game to reach the indicated location. As you get closer, look inside the purple circle on the mini-map to find Hazel. Thus, you will come across the lair of the unicorns, northwest of the Floo flame of Campolard-en-haut.

How to save Hazel?

To capture it, you must have one of the freezing spells available. So you need to complete Madame Kogawa's homework to learn either Glacius or Arresto Momentum. Also keep in mind that unicorns are extremely shy and cautious, and the Disillusionment spell won't help you much in catching them.
Here's how you should do it:
As soon as you spot Hazel the Unicorn, approach slowly while casting a freeze spell to impede her movements. Then take out the catch bag and complete all the catch counters to be able to catch it. You will complete the quest: The Unique Unicorn by returning to Betty and telling her the good news.

Hogwarts Legacy The One Unicorn

How to take care of Hazel?

Betty Bugbrooke wants you to keep and care for Hazel in one of the vivariums. At the same time, you can feed and brush the beast's shiny coat to get magical materials and use them to upgrade your in-game gear with the enchanted loom in the Room of Requirement.

Since Hazel is a female unicorn, you still have to catch a male unicorn for breeding to take place. You must of course purchase a breeding enclosure from Tomes and Scrolls to complete the process and enjoy the unicorn's offspring in the vivarium.

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